Thanksgiving Love

Lost Boys, Lost Girls RTW Adventure — By on November 27, 2006 at 9:01 am

Happy thanksgiving Weekend! (Yes, I know its Monday but you’ve got a little turkey casserole left in the tupperware at home, right?)

As you might have noticed, the girls and I took a little hiatus from blogging and used the time off to ponder what we’re really thankful for (staying healthy and out of serious trouble so far!). We were just starting to feel a bit sad that our families and friends would be gorging on white meat, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie without us, when we received a poetic email from a pal that perked us right up again…

The stanzas below were crafted by fellow traveler and honorary Lost Boy Derek Turner, who must have been feeling exceptionally creative (or exceptionally bored!) when he sat down for the second time to write his masterpiece (the first somehow got lost in the internet ether).

I’m sharing it with you, as it might bring a smile to your face as it did to ours. Have a great week….just four weeks left ’til Christmas!

Ode to The Lost Girls

Today it is Thanksgiving,
A time for nog and pie,
A time for all to be grateful,

And if you’re not, to try.

Please take just a moment
To pause and look within…
And since I’ve had I bit more time
I think I should begin.

First of all I’m thankful
For Lost Girls, one through three.
For every picture on their blog
And every last story.

Holly, Jen, Amanda too
Three friends I’ve never met.
Who packed their little girly bags
Rode off in the sunset.

Gathered round for drinks at night
One heard the other say,
“What if we each just quit our jobs
And start a diary?”

“We’ll take a year to travel round
See many different lands,
We’ll all have matching shorts and shirts
And how bout pink headbands?!”

Thank goodness they didn’t do it,
The uniforms I mean.
But sure enough they did the rest
As hard as it may seem.

From mountain hikes on Incan trails
To a blowing dart lesson,
They’d settle in, unpack their bags
And two days later be gone.

Red-faced monkeys, mules with gas,
Rats the size of pigs
Ricksha drivers, hit and runs
And African shindigs.

“But aren’t you jealous of all they’ve done,
The adventures that they’ve had.”
Well maybe once, but I had a trip,
Of my own that also wasn’t bad.

So this holiday season
As we gather round the horn,
And state the things that each person
Is most thankful for,

Some will say for family,
Some will say football.
But I will clear and raise my voice
To Lost Girls one and all.


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  • Sara says:

    What a wonderful poem!!!! Thanks for bringing the girls some holiday cheer. Thanksgiving just wasnt the same without Holly this year!! Though I dont miss the loooonnnggggg drive back to the city. Even though I love spending the time with you sis!!!! You girls be safe! And get Holly a drink when she is let out of that prison!!! 😉

  • Dellie says:

    A poem! Almost free verse–stream of conscious thought. What a wonderful tribute from a fellow LG(Lost Guy). I enjoyed the poetic highlights of the journey. Fun review,Derek. Thank you for the Thanksgiving smiles that you put on so many faces-(I’m still smiling.) (-:

  • Dadster says:

    Happy Holiday Season! Wonderful poem.

  • Baker says:

    I also can say Thanksgiving Love in two words:

    Leaf pile.