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Many of you have asked about the Common Ground program where we stayed in Kenya, and we wanted to pass along this opportunity to help. Joshua, the director of the school called Pathfinder Academy, is asking for donations to help buy the students textbooks. Information about the school and where to send donations is below. Thanks in advance for your help.

We’ve come across many amazing people during our months on the road who have given us so much that we want to be able to give something back. So we’re in the process of setting up a nonprofit organization to channel funds and services towards some worthy causes we’ve encountered on our journey, such as Sister Freda’s Clinic, the Masaba Widow’s Group and Maasai bicycle project. Stayed tuned for more details on the foundation…

Pathfinder Academy Book Harvesting Day

Presented by Naomi Fadhili,
Pathfinder Academy – 2006.

Fate! Fate! Fate!
Tasteless the food you serve,
Unpalatable and bitter.
At dawn you knock,
Sunset take your rounds.
Sound of morning heard,
More orphans produced,
The work of your hand!
An orphan with empty stomach toils,
Never knows a mother’s love,
Nor a father’s lap.
Living a beggar life,
No home for abode.

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
Pathfinder Academy my only hope,
Give me solace.
Give me solace,
My only hope for the future.


Pathfinder Academy is organizing for a book harvesting day to be held at Pathfinder Academy on 17th November 2006. The Kenya Literature Bureau will grace the day. You are kindly requested to join hands with us to promote education of the less fortunate Kenyans. As a result we are soliciting your support to enable the school to meet the target of 1, 800 text books. On average one text book for Kindergarten – grades 3 costs $3 and $5 for a text book for grades 4-8.You can decide how many books you want to donate to the school and send your donation through Village Volunteers at the address below.

Students in grade 8 at Pathfinder Academy will be sitting for their first national exam of Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in 2007. This is a challenging task for the students and staff at Pathfinder Academy. To meet this target, the school is trying to improve the living and learning conditions of the children by furnishing a new dormitory and renovated dining room at Pathfinder. The existing dormitory that was renovated from an old Pathfinder Academy building is very vital as it is now serving as a rescue center for abused and orphaned girls (One of the school’s new students; Constance Jumba was attacked by rapists on September 27th 2006 (but luckily she was saved from their hands), is now staying at school. The school is currently being forced to accommodate orphans girls who are being targeted because of their disadvantaged situations. The boarding facility will enable the children to have enough time for their studies thus improving their national examination scores.

Good scores in national exams will enable them to go to national secondary schools where the quality of education will enhance their opportunity to go to universities. Some national secondary schools offer scholarships to bright but needy children. The children that will not be able to go to secondary school or to University will get vocational (gardening, computer, etc) training at Pathfinder to be able to support themselves and their family. As a result the school is planning to have a school library to avail reading materials and course books to its students.

Your participation in this endeavor is greatly appreciated. Your generous assistance will help us to reach our goals and achieve our mission –to give these children the tools they need to escape the harsh reality in which they live. Education, fueled with love and compassion, is the key to their success. Your personal support is important. On behalf of these children we thank you for your time and generosity.

Village Volunteers is a charitable organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3). Contributions to the Village Volunteers are tax deductible. Donors can be assured that 100% of all contributions are used directly for the benefit of the charity and not for administrative costs of the organization. The founders and administrators of the Village Volunteers donate their time and are not paid salaries, wages, or stipends of any kind.

Donations by Mail:Shana Greene, Executive Director. Village Volunteers. 4820 54th S. Seattle, WA 98118. Tel: 206 709 1404Email:



  • LG Mom says:

    Please note the correct mailing address & e-mail for Village Volunteers is: 4820 54th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98118. The website is There are on-line instructions for donations. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a wonderful organization- I just went to their website and donated $100. Love your blog- am finding it late, but getting caught up- it’s keeping me away from my work though…