A Monkey Stole My Mango!

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We seem to have a little problem with the animals of the world stealing our stuff. Well, more accurately, Holly’s stuff. First there was the kinkachu in the Amazon that bit holes through her wallet and nearly made off with her shiny new camera. Then, in the Diani Beachalets, a pretty balsy monkey ran through our front door, made a break for the kitchen, unrolled a brown paper bag and grabbed a mango before Irene screamed, threw a water bottle and scared him off.

Considering that we’d left the door open in an area where swinging primates outnumbered people by 14 to 1, it stode to reason that Holly’s fruit could get stolen. But after we’d upgraded to a slightly more “luxurious” hotel with air-con, a back patio and deadbolts, we figured out days of thieving animals were behind us.

Apparently not.

We returned from a day at the beach to find everything in its place—except for a gnarled, mangled piece of fruit sitting right next to Holly’s pillow.

“You guys,” moaned Hol. “Somebody came in here and ate my last mango! Who left the door open?!”

We looked around…no one had left the door open. The sliding glass in the back of our room was shut tight and we’d opened the front door with a key. We played Nancy Drew for a few minutes, quickly ruling out the possibility that the intruder was still inside the room.

Despite our best detective work, we never did figure out how the mango thief got inside, then back out of our room. Or why the sneaky little bugger would leave his leftovers sitting right next to Holly’s side of the bed. The best we could figure: we’d left the back door open when hanging our laundry to dry, our uneaten fruit a siren call for any hungry monkeys roaming by. When the staff came to clean (yes, we were living large that week) they must have closed the back door for us.

We didn’t expect to get the chance to confront the thief face-to-face, but the very next day, the hungry little guy decided to come back for a second helping of fruit.

As you can see below, Holly was ready–with ammo.

Holly decided to have a little fun with the mango thief before finally giving in and letting him have the banana you see pictured. Sure, we all know that feeding the monkeys makes them come back for more, but he was so persistant (and clever) that we figured he’d probably find a way inside no matter what we did. Beside, could you resist that face?


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  • tiggerprr says:

    OK, he’s so cute! I would be having monkey parties and the hotel would toss me out. Great story! 🙂

    I’m so envious! What you’re doing is so awesome! 🙂