The Snack Pack

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If you really know The Lost Girls, you know that our favorite activity isn’t trekking up Andean mountains, tracking wild African animals, clubbing our way through the capital cities or even sleeping until we’re roused from dreamland by endless construction/farting backpackers/manic hotel owners trying sell us overpriced tours.

No, the collective passion that qualifes as borderline obession is eating, and we’ve discovered that any lull in conversation can be quickly remedied by asking;

If you could pig out on any food in the world right now, what would it be?

Whether it be Tasti-D-Lite (Holly), sushi (Jen) or Frito Pie (me), all answers are accepted and the mere question usually kicks off an hourlong conversation about restaurant meals we still remember and gooey snacks that we miss more than the men we left behind.

And while Kenya’s buttery chipati bread, starchy ugali, maize, beans, greens and fried sides definitely helped keep the meat on our bones (perhaps a bit too well!), we couldn’t have survived the long hours between meals without a special little snack we brought from home…

I’d received an assorted case of Lara Bars during a taste-testing story I’d done during my previous life as a freelance magazine editor and decided to add them to my pack just before departing for Kenya. It was a good move…the bars are made only from natural stuff (just nuts and fruit), taste yum and keep the three of us from snapping into a snarling pack of wild animals when our blood sugar drops below critical.

We’ve snarfed through almost all of our rations at this point, but haven’t found a suitable replacement to keep us from falling apart after six hours without a hot meal.

Note to parents: don’t send money, send food!!

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