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The three of us were pleased as a vat of hunch punch when we learned earlier this week that the good folks at National Geographic Traveler had featured The Lost Girls on their website. Here’s what the editors had to say:

Wired Woman Wanderlust: Top Travel Blogs

In this edition of Wired Wanderlust, assistant website editor Mary Beth LaRue introduces us to three fabulous female-penned travel blogs.

Tired of seven-day workweeks, BlackBerry handhelds, and impending burnout, three twenty-something New Yorkers who call themselves The Lost Girls left their media jobs in the winter of 2005 to travel the world. Their 60,000-mile  journey around the globe begins in South America and crawls eastward through Africa, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, and Australia-photographing and writing at every stop on the way. Our pick of their posts: a stop in Huacachina, a desert oasis town on Peru’s southern coast, for sand dune surfing.

NYU graduate and freelance writer Megan Lyles and her photographer boyfriend Michael Simon documented their just-ended one-year bus trip from New York City to the tip of South America on complementary, Bloggie-nominated blogs. Follow the duo as they delay their journey southward to help with Hurricane Katrina, try eating Peruvian guinea pig, and hit a reef in their sailboat heading from Panama to Columbia. According to Megan, the total time spent in transit-including all modes of transportation, delays, and time spent on the unmoving sailboat-was 680.75 hours. That’s a lot of travel to blog.

Gadling contributor Dia Draper is about to spend a Semester at Sea and will be recording it all in her own blog, Funchilde: Around the World in 100 Days. Though the blog is in the pretrip planning stage, she’ll soon be stopping in Rio, Salvador (where she’ll be marching in three Carnival parades), Cape Town, Chennai, Penang, and Honolulu. Judging by her blog thus far, and the fact that she’s part of the Gadling clan, we’re betting this will be a great read.

Thanks NG Traveler!

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