Happy Birthday To Me!

Lost Girls RTW Adventure, Parties, Festivals & Events, Vietnam — By on March 14, 2007 at 4:59 am

I may be a full-fledged adult, but I felt like a kid playing dress up when I put on high heels and red lipstick for my big birthday celebration in Hanoi, Vietnam. I didn’t even own heels, so we spent the day wandering through the shoe market while Vietnamese women pointed at our feet and laughed out loud at our big “farang” (slang for white people) size eights.

We went to dinner at the fancy Hilton Opera Hotel, then wore out our new dancing shoes at The New Century Club before getting shots of Baileys and pizza at a tiny lounge called Dragon Fly. Not a bad way to kick off the last year of my twenties. I hope the rest of my birthdays are as good!

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