Taking the Long Way Around

Australia, Leaving & Coming Home, Lost Girls RTW Adventure — By on July 29, 2007 at 6:52 pm

The Lost Girls officially pulled off the trip of a lifetime by safely landing in Oz, and it’s time to end our yearlong journey. While all the lessons we’ve learned on the road probably won’t hit us until after we’re back in the States, we do know this: Travel has proved we’re more resilient than we ever thought possible.

We’ve conquered the Inca Trail in Peru and cockroach-ridden trains in India. We swam with Nemo in Thailand and spotted kangaroos in Australia. We’ve learned that one person really can change the world-or at least the world around them-after meeting humanitarians such as Sister Freda, who saves lives every day by offering medical care to the poor.

But our biggest accomplishment may have been maintaining a friendship that not only survived spending 24/7 with the same two people, but actually grew stronger. (Hey, we never imagined we’d have to sleep head to toe in a bug-infested bed when we signed up for trip!)

So we toasted to ourselves in style at Sydney’s fancy Shangri-La hotel, and tried to maintain our composure during our last night. The next morning, Holly was returning to her apartment in Brooklyn, Jen was going to visit her ‘rents in Florida, and Amanda was staying Down Under to experience solo travel before we all reunite in the Big Apple. The road ahead may be uncertain, but we’ve learned that no matter how lost we get, we always manage to find our way back home.

Think you’ve heard the last of The Lost Girls? Not a chance. We’ll be returning to the web in just a few weeks to report upon our time apart (sniff!), our solo journies and what happens after we finally complete the lap back to The Big Apple. Stay tuned…

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  • Just Me says:

    Congratulations on completing your year long journey! Sounds like a most wonderful experience! I’m glad everything went smoothly, for the most part, and that you all made it back safe and sound. It’s been fun to read about your experiences along the way.

  • the_cookie_maudester says:

    Hey guys, post pics of your lives back in the Big Apple. And of your US reunion. Would love to see you all sans travel paraphernalia. Congrats!! Each entry was a fun read!

  • Sara says:

    Ohhhhhh yeah ladies!!!! Congrats on probably the most memorable year of your lives!!! Cant wait to see you all next week!!!

  • Desert Songbird says:

    Thanks for taking us all along on your journey. Best wishes and welcome back!

  • Dellie says:

    I am looking forward to reading about your adjustment back into the States. What must it feel like to be back home? Happy to be in familiar surroundings? Sad that the year is over? Maybe both. Your fans are all happy for your safe return. Welcome home girls! Keep writing so we can continue reading. And thank you so much for taking us all along on your journey…

  • Buttercup says:

    I followed along on some of your journeys and I enjoyed reading about them. Congratulations on an amazing trip and thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  • apple says:

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