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When we received the following email several weeks ago (soon after reaching Australia), I immediately assumed it was some sort of hoax:

Hello. I produce a program called “Project Life,” a new television program hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, which will air on CNN International and CNN Headline News. Our program is designed to help people enrich their lives by achieving a balance of the mind, body and spirit. We would like to do a report on career-breakers — people who choose to take a break from the office and travel or work in a third world country. I was interested in your year-long journey and I’d like to see if you are near any of our bureau cities. Please contact me at as soon as you can, as I hoping to shoot this report in the upcoming week or two. Thanks so much and hope you are enjoying your travels!

Jen, Holly and me? On international television? Yeah, right.

I was so convinced that the person on the other end of this email was a full-on stalker trying to get us to give up information about our whereabouts (something that our parents had warned us about!) that I asked a slightly freaked-out Holly to call the CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, 16 time zones away to confirm my suspicions.

After a quick chat with the network operator, we were shocked to learn that not only did this producer exist, but she wanted to speak to us immediately. Gotta give Corbett some major props-she so deftly handled the producer’s ensuing questions that the woman decided to line up a film crew in Sydney to record a “day in the life” of a Lost Girl. As Holly clicked “disconnect” on Skype, there was a good five seconds of silence before all three of us started talking and shrieking at once. Holy Sh*t!! We were really gonna be on television!!

Of course, being the ridiculous females that we are, we dropped everything to start planning for the shoot, which would take place just a few days later. After ten and a half months spent wearing the same three sun-bleached outfits and my hair in a shaggy tangle of un-tameable curls, I was going to hit the shopping center in Bondi Junction and attempt to pull myself together. I may be a lazy ass slack-packer in real life (I’d basically given up on makeup in favor of sunscreen), but I didn‘t want to look quite so “earthy” on TV. Hell, maybe I’d even shave my legs for the big day.

Two days later, all donned in our carefully selected “traveler-chic” outfits and sporting new haircuts, we greeted the local CNN producer Hugh, his cameraman and a sound guy for a 10-hour day of filming in Sydney. It was an exhilarating yet utterly exhausting experience that gave me new appreciation for all those film and TV actors who complain about their “tough schedules.” Trust me, doing the same “candid” scene 12 times in a row-especially with a massive backpack in tow-definitely wears you out fast!

It took about six weeks from the time we filmed the segment until the day it aired on CNN (thanks to the time change, we had to wake up at 4:00am to see it!), but we were all pretty proud of the end result. We hope that it provides at least a little inspiration to fellow Lost Girls and would-be travelers throughout the world.

Here’s a link the six minute broadcast (give it a few seconds to load):

Here’s a link to more on CNN’s Project Life:

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  • Gary says:

    Wow. Congrats! When do you sign the movie deal?

  • Astonished says:

    I think you came across as sane, sensible, caring and a little bit sweet. When it comes to the mass media you cant ask for better than that! I just hope my visit to New York is half as enjoyable as your trip has been.


  • Kenric says:

    Great video.

  • Miss Adventure says:

    That’s a great video. And this is a terrific blog! I’m sorry I only discovered it when you’re just about at the end of your adventure. But I’ll definitely be reading through the archives.

  • leigh says:

    i admire what you’re doing. i so want yo do the same thing.

  • Schmanders says:

    Hi Gary,

    No movie deal, but maybe a book? We didn’t have much luck searching for a fun backpacker read written by an American (Eat, Pray, Love doesn’t count) so we figure we’d write one ourselves! More on that venture to come…