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As you have may have read in our “Taking the Long Way Around” post, we’ve wrapped up our yearlong journey and are now in various stages of returning home (Amanda’s off solo-traveling Australia, Jen’s doing the friends n’ family tour and Hol went straight back to NYC).

But while our trip may have come to a close, we know that some of yours are just starting. We’d love to share your thoughts, rants, ideas and insights right here on Lost Girls World, and post a gorgeous photo of you somewhere on the road (or at home, at your desk or shopping for toilet paper at Walmart, it matters not). Our goal: to expand LG World from a blog just about us, to a full-service website that would-be travelers can use to plan their journeys. We ended up making about a zillion mistakes in the months that we planned the trip, and the year we spent executing it, and we’re hoping to save our fellow travelers the time, hassle and $$ with a little online enlightenment!

So, where does your writing come in? Well, in addition to the Lost Girl and Lost Boy of the Week entries (for those you can nominate a friend, or yourself), we’re hoping to including the following new sections, all of which are open to your submissions:

Dispatches from the Road: These travel tales told from your first person perspective can encompass your feelings of culture shock, an interesting experience with a local or fellow traveler, scary or potentially dangerous situations you got into (and out of) or just a quiet reflection of your travels thus far.

Five Reasons and Five-Ways: This section is a great opportunity to share what you’ve learned about a particular travel topic. You don’t have to actually offer just five bullet points on each subject (go crazy with eight! Ten!), but you’ll want to organize your advice in a numerical fashion. Examples might include “Five Ways to Ditch Your Traveling Companions,” or “Eight Ways to Sleep for Free (or Really Damn Cheap) in Southeast Asia.”

How-Tos: Pretty straightforward, just another format for offering advice, such as “How to Save $$ on your Travel Shots,” or “How to Buy a Bargain Basement RTW Tickets.” You can share your own experiences, but feel free to “interview” other travelers on how they saved cash.

Just for Lost Girls: While we have a ton of boy readers (hey guys!), this site is ultimately geared toward the Lost female. These articles offer insight into certain, um, delicate topics such as “Dating on the Road,” “Can I Find Tampons Abroad?”, “Getting Rid of Chub-Rub After a Few Too Many Beer Laos” and other useful girlie topics. A lighthearted tone is always appreciated!

Photo Essays: Got a gift for telling a story in pictures? Send us your best shots with a few accompanying captions.

Lost in: Insert City/Country Here: You’ve got a choice here—you can either send narrative of your experiences in a particular place, or a bulleted list of the 8, 12, or 20 things you’ve loved/hated about a particular spot.

To submit an entry or make a suggestion, just drop us a line at: lostgirlsworld@gmail.com. All pieces should be at least 250 words, but no more than 700. Of course, we’ll credit you for the awesome submission, provide a dedicated link back to your blog (if you have one) and list you as a contributor on the sidebar. As Lost Girls World grows, and should we one day make some $$, we’ll start paying for articles. Until then, we hope you’ll be satisfied with our undying love and affection!!

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  • Dellie says:

    Great idea! ‘Look forward to reading various travel tips…and looking forward to reading about the Lost Girls back home as well…

  • picklegirl117 says:

    I really enjoy reading all your travel tales and all the great travel tips. This will definitely be a resource for me and my future travels. I’m happy that you guys are home safe and in one piece:)