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Lost Girl of the Week — By on September 26, 2007 at 6:45 pm

We dare you to read about our latest Lost Girl of the Week and not be totally impressed. Lisa Lubin, pictured here, was a triple Emmy-award winning writer/producer for ABC in Chicago and has during her time there, produced a weekly entertainment, lifestyle and travel show. But after nearly 15 years in the televsion industry, Lisa decided that she was ready for some serious change. Putting her career (and indeed, everything else) on hold, she took a much-needed sabbatical and is now in the midst of a solo journey around the world. And we thought we were brave!

As she’s traveled, Lisa has been documenting her trip with photographs and articles from the road on her blog www.LLworldtour.com: And what an adventure its been. Over the last year, she’s taken Spanish and surfing lessons in Costa Rica, ridden through the narrow fjords and icy glaciers of the Chilean Patagonia, hiked up a snowy volcano in Ecuador, swam with dolphins off the coast of New Zealand, served up coffee and sandwiches at a café in Melbourne, climbed atop the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, sand-boarded the dunes of Dubai, taught English in Istanbul, and successfully accomplished a two-week bicycle tour through the rice fields Vietnam.

Here’s a bit about Lisa’s adventures, in her own words:

I have always loved traveling. When I was a little girl I loved exploring new towns and places. I would ride my bike down new streets mesmerized by something I’d never seen before. A few years after college I went backpacking for a month across Europe. That was it. I got the bug. I fell in love with the world and a world traveler was born. Since then I made a deal with myself to travel somewhere far every single year and I have, but the longest I’d ever been away was three weeks! I’ve always come back from previous trips a bit sad and always wanting more. And I’ve also always dreamed of moving abroad. I had never really planned on taking a year off before. The trip just kind of revealed itself to me and evolved over time. This year certain things in my life just fell into place and I realized I was ‘free’ in a way. I broke up with my boyfriend of five years, I had a great job, but was ready for a change, and my little cat had died. Then I read a book called “One Year Off,” by David Cohen. He and his wife took their three (!) kids around the world for a year. Then I realized if they could do it, I could do it! The opportunity was there and I needed to grab it!

Many say I’m ‘living out what others only dream of.’ And others have also said what I’m doing ‘takes a lot of guts.’ The way I see it, those two things don’t exactly mix. I think in fantasy this is a dream trip for many. But in reality, the packing, leaving everything, quitting, saying good-bye for a year is way too much a risk for most. I had thought about doing this a while back, but even for me it was too much. But then this year this tiny window of opportunity opened and before I realized it, I was going to do it.

I left in October and charted a course to follow warmer weather. I headed to Costa Rica, Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands, Chile, Buenos Aires, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Dubai, Turkey, Romania, Budapest, Bratislava, Krakow, and am soon heading to Berlin. Then I hope to live and work in Spain for a few months and then…sigh…perhaps I will return home. But the “dreamer” side of me hopes to get to Portugal, gaze out across the Atlantic Ocean wave to America and then turn around go back East and keep traveling!

My adventures have been amazing, but the best part would have to be all the wonderful people I have met from all corners of the globe-good, kind people. By traveling alone, I have met way more people than I would have if I was with a boyfriend or friend.

I’ve made good friends and had some ‘romantic’ experiences as well (you’ll have to read the book for those juicy details!). Connecting with people from all over the world-Vietnamese, Maori, Argentinean, Pakistani, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian-has touched me in ways I will never ever forget.

Like the Lost Girls, Lisa’s got a penchant for sharing her stories online. Check out her website at www.LLworldtour.com.

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