Lost in the Mail: Traveling As A Couple

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This week’s Lost in the Mail comes from a couple who are about to embark a career break to hit the road.

Q: Hi LGs! I have been reading your site since sometime before your travels in India, and became hooked and read all of your back entries (ps: I hate my job and I really heart blogs). Your blog and your stories were so inspiring that my husband and I have decided to take our own traveling detour (much to our respective families’ chagrin). When he finishes graduate school in December, instead of moving straight to Boston for our respective jobs, we’ll be taking a 3.5-month trip to southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, and India, with a quick pre-Asia stop in Argentina for a wedding. If our grad school loans weren’t knocking on our doors, we’d take more time (Sallie Mae is only nice when she’s handing out the money. She’s not so friendly on the collection end. Sigh.).

As we’re getting close to nitty-gritty planning time, I’ve been spending time online looking for blogs and sites that will offer insight and advice. Matt and I have traveled together before, including a 5-week cross-country backpacking trip, so we’re not worried about how we’ll travel together. Instead, we’re curious about things like lodging (will we have to stay in separate rooms at hostels?), and meeting other people while we’re out and about (will we be that boring American couple in the corner who no one at the hostel/hotel/bar wants to talk to?).

Most of the travel books I’ve looked at say that traveling with a partner isn’t the way to do a big trip. But as it happens, my partner is the person with whom I want to take this big trip, so I’m saying bah! to the traveling books and asking a trusted source instead. Do you know of any blogs that are written by couples who are traveling together?
Lizzi Weyant

A: Good for you both for taking a career break to explore the world! The first time Holly traveled the world as a student on Semester at Sea-a study abroad program that involves circumnavigating the globe on a ship-she did it with her boyfriend at the time. While we love traveling with our girlfriends, there are many, many perks to hitting the road with your partner. Here’s our top three:

1. A lighter load. While no amount of eyelash batting could convince Jen and Amanda to carry Holly’s backpack, your man is much more likely to take some of the weight off your shoulders, so to speak.
2. Automatic insect protection. We ran into our fair share of cockroaches, spiders and other creepy crawlies. Instead of fighting over whose turn it is to kill the pest, your man will probably be more apt to take charge of de-bugging matters.
3. Guaranteed romance. The LGs found themselves in plenty of romantic situations (remember the bubble-filled star baths we had to all share in Diani Beach, Kenya?!). In fact, we often joked that we were on a “honeymoon with our girlfriends.” The earth is full of breath-taking views, intimate restaurants and amazing experiences that can be so much more intense when shared with the love of your life.

To help you get some insight into what it’s like to travel as a couple, we’ve rounded up our three favorite blogs written by partners sharing their own traveling detours.

Jason, a former IT manager from LA, quit his job to travel the world for a year with his girlfriend, Angela. Right now they’re in Estonia (We’re jealous: The Lost Girls have never been there but we’re adding it to our travel lust list!) You can follow this traveling duo’s adventures as they “spend a year getting to know the world, each other, and what life is all about.”


Autumn and Danny are a recently-engaged, twenty-something couple who both have the travel bug. Originally from Berkeley, California where they met at University, they’ve been criss-crossing the globe ever since! 2000-present: 36 countries, 29 states and counting. Check out their latest sojourn to South America-and how they almost didn’t make it due to a botched flight!


BG and Val are leaving their hometown of Toronto to hit the open road. They haven’t started their trip yet, but already have an awesome blog covering everything from the practical, such as travel vaccines, to the hilarious, such as Val’s fears (including getting fat and tape worms. Hmmm…you can’t really get fat if you’ve got a tape worm. But we digress). Here’s a recap in their own words: “We’re crazy in love and we’re crazy enough to leave it all behind! We’re touring the globe for 15 months on a quest for new sights, new adventures, and new experiences; for better or for worse, for poorer or poorer, for sickness and in health (hoping for more health than sickness.)”



  • Shantanu says:

    Discovered this blog only recently, but have been reading some of your (very well-written!) posts from your world-tour earlier. I am always fascinated by travel journals about India by people visiting here from other countries. It is fun (an insightful) seeing my country through foreign eyes.

    Great job with the blog!

  • Clare says:

    My boyfriend and I are also in the early stages of planning a trip around the world, and all summer I’ve been gobbling up travel blogs like there’s no tomorrow. Once I’d devoured the highly addictive archives here on the Lost Girls’ site, I came across two couple-authored travel blogs that are just as well-written and fascinating: 1000 Wines and Hedgehogs Without Borders. While one trip is complete and the other almost so, the archives still make for a great read. (Actually, I just finished catching up on Hedgehogs Without Borders yesterday, so thanks, Lost Girls, for giving me new ideas for wasting time at work!)

    Another good resource I came across–in his column on Yahoo Travel, Rolf Potts did a great list of questions to go over before you set out on a long-term trip with a romantic partner. You can find it here.

  • Marina says:

    Hey. I’ve been a fan of this blog for a while, but this is my first comment. Just wanted to share that my husband and I did an 8-month RTW trip as our honeymoon last year. We traveled through southern and eastern Africa, India, and SE Asia. We did very little planning ahead of time, just bought 1-way tickets to Cape Town and went from there. It was wonderful! We had no problem meeting other people. Nor did we have any issues getting private rooms in hostels (nobody ever asked to see a marriage license, though a couple years ago in Egypt, before we were married, they did make us stay in single-sex rooms). We occasionally went off in different directions and did our own things, which was a nice change of pace. But we spent most days together, and really loved it.

    We didn’t do a great job of keeping up with our blog, but I have read plenty of other couples’ blogs. My favorites are:
    http://www.hitchhiketheworld.com (this is my absolute favorite. it’s not the most sophisticated layout, but Kinga and Chopin are amazing. they hitch-hiked around the world for 5 years, then kinga went on her own to africa. such an inspiring story).

    Hope that helps. Enjoy your trip!

  • Autumn & Danny says:

    Oh my goodness … you guys are so sweet to mention us … we are on a trip right now but are considering planning a round the world honeymoon for our April wedding … doing some research in a bridal mag and who do we see has authored the article on honeymoon travel … Amanda! Thanks for keeping us in mind! Autumn and Danny

  • Syd says:

    I have a semi-private question. With all this couple travel – I’m wondering how they are dealing with getting birth control? I am heading out in January (mostly to Asia and Australia) and have no idea what I’m going to do. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


  • The Lost Girls says:

    Hi Syd,

    You can definitely access birth control abroad in all forms–condoms, pills, etc. We loved Bangkok and Bali because you could buy pill packs for under $10 apiece without an Rx, but in Australia you’ll need a prescription from a doctor. I’m sure if your doctor in the US wrote one for you before you left, you could use it there. If not, you can pay about $50 out of pocket to see a doctor in Oz, and he or she can write you a prescription. Feel free to write us off the blog at lostgirlsworld@gmail.com with additional questions.

  • laradunston says:

    Some further words of encouragement to couples thinking of travelling together… my husband and I have been on the road for 21 months together, without a hiccup, and we’ve been travelling together for 15 years now. Add to that we not only travel together but we work together, and have been for years – we’re professional travel writers. We have a travel blog together called Grantourismo at http://www.charlesandmarie.com/gt/ which we’ve been writing from the road, and my personal blog about travel and what inspires travel at http://cooltravelguide.blogspot.com

    In the early years of our relationship we took a long trip together around Central America and the USA which ended with us eloping in Vegas! Years later I spent a year without him travelling all over South America researching my Masters degree and although it was an amazing experience, it couldn’t top our first big trip together. Nothing beats travelling with someone you love.

    BTW, Syd, you can buy birth control over the counter (no prescription) in the Dubai/UAE and many other Middle East countries if you’re heading that way.

  • Val says:

    If I can add another birth control tip (something I was going to blog about, actually, despite the fact that I’m going to traumatize both of our mothers), I recommend the Mirena IUD — it’s not necessarily for everyone, but it’s working well for me. It’s good for 5 years, is very effective, you don’t need to take anything, and it’s always there whenever you need it.