Dancing Around the World

Lost Boys, Photography & Video, Websites and Blogs — By on July 15, 2008 at 9:55 pm

Agra,India Lost Boys dancingFor all of you who haven’t yet seen this guy, Matt, dancing in different locations around the world, you can click here to see his videos. I’m posting it for a few reasons.

1. It always makes me smile, and hopefully it will do the same for you.

2. According to Matt’s site, he thinks Americans should travel abroad more. The Lost Girls share this opinion: The best way to learn about the world is to, well, get out there and see it.

3. One of the FAQs featured on his site is the same question my mom used to ask me whenever she saw pics of us during our own year abroad: “Why are you always wearing the same clothes?” Matt’s response: “Ever traveled for an extended period of time?… I didn’t think so.” Ha!

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