How You Can Make a Difference

Volunteering & Giving Back, Websites and Blogs — By on July 17, 2008 at 1:32 am

Global warming. Genocide. Food crisis. It’s easy to feel powerless with all the big issues happening in the world. As an individual, I want to help, but am not sure how the heck I could ever make a real difference. Then a friend told me about this site,

Meaning “voice” in many languages, Avaaz uses the power of the internet to connect people across borders so they can take action on the major problems facing the world today. In a nutshell, when you sign up to get their email alerts about the latest global issues, they’ll give you ideas about what you can do to help-be it signing a petition to send to political leaders, holding rallies to draw awareness to genocide, or combining small amounts of cash that add up to huge donations when pooled with others. Here’s a video the nonprofit put up on YouTube.

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