Live from the Wienermobile: Getting Lush for T-Giving

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Here’s the latest on-the-road dispatch from our Wienermobile girls. You can read more about their hot dogging adventures by clicking here

Lush solid shampooMolly and Selena: We’re a little bit spoiled when it comes to traveling. Driving across the country in a Wienermobile means we (almost) never have to haggle with TSA agents, fork over cash for our baggage or dash to catch connecting flights. Plus, the whole back of the Wienermobile (check out the picture) is storage for office supplies and luggage, so we don’t stress about carryon-sized anything.

Now we’re heading home for some turkey. When it seems like the entire nation is cutting back on holiday travel, we know we’re lucky to make it home for Thanksgiving at all – but that doesn’t make the fit-it-into-a-carry-on dilemma any easier, particularly when it comes to liquids.

Which is why we’re intrigued by Lush’s solid shampoos. ( Packaged like bars of soap, they’re supposed to lather up like any other shampoo and could theoretically double as bodywash. As a bonus, they come in delicious-sounding scents like Godiva and Jumping Juniper.

We haven’t yet gotten our hands on the shampoos or the solid Jungle Conditioner (, which the British-based company lists as a best seller. If the bars work as well as Lush’s other products, though, we’ll be ditching our Ziplock baggies come Christmas.

Have you used these shampoos? Or better yet, do you have any genius tips for keeping carryon bags TSA-friendly?

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  • Jenny says:

    Have used the solid shampoos (variety of kinds, although I just bought a new bar of Godiva today) for all sorts of trips and love the way they pack (put in a piece of waxed paper to keep it from sticking to the tin) and how long they last. The conditioner isn’t as nice, but works great for when you don’t want liquids. They’re a great buy for traveling and save tons of space in your pack.