Lost Girl of the Week: Kristen J. Putch

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A few weeks ago, The Lost Girls were invited to Syracuse University to do our first panel discussion with the members of Syracuse Ed2010 and Women in Communications. During the two hour session, we discussed our careers in publishing, film and television, tips for getting jobs and internships and how to take a break (eventually) in order to travel.

One of the best parts of the evening-if not the best part-was meeting the students and discussing where they hoped to go with their careers. We fielded tons of great questions, including whether or not to shoot for an internship or study abroad the summer after sophomore year (we said travel, of course!) and how to get an entry level job in integrated marketing (better email Jen for the answer to that one).
After the event, we went to dinner with Kristen Putch, 21, who’s not only president of Women in Communication at Syracuse, but is also the Managing Editor of 360 Magazine and the former Editor in Chief of The Student Voice (she’s now the web editor). Kristen seemed excited to graduate and enter the “real world” but also expressed her concerns about what that actually might mean. Here, she shares why you don’t have to rack up stamps on your passport or even leave the country to consider yourself a full-fledged Lost Girl.
Kristen J. Putch: Unlike many “Lost Girls,” I am not a seasoned traveler. Actually, I have never left the East Coast.

But, in terms of my future, I am about as lost as any girl could be.

My name is Kristen, and I am a senior journalism student at Syracuse University. In three months, SU will push me out of my safe bubble and into the real world. The problem is, once I enter the real world, I’m not exactly sure where to go…the destination is a mystery.

In the hope of gaining some direction-and get a head start on my undefined future-I have been taking part in any career-related workshops or events offered on the Syracuse campus.

Last week, the university hosted one of its campus-wide career expos, which takes place once a semester. In the past I have blown off these expos, deciding they held nothing of interest for me. But this semester, I decided to go and see what it was all about. Maybe I’d even make a contact or two.

We were told that more than 80 employers would be attending, and all I could think of was “80 employers? There’s got to be something there for me.” The day of the expo, I looked around campus and saw what seemed like hundreds of thousands of students in business suits. They all had a slight look of terror on their faces, but I could also see them planning their strategies to make the best impression possible.

I laughed a little as I watched my classmates walk around in ties and carrying briefcases. I’d seen many of them out at bars just days before in jeans and hoodies.

After taking it all in, I slowly made my way to the auditorium. As I got closer, I stopped. Thinking back to all those e-mails I received, it suddenly dawned on me that all the employers there were looking for two people: engineers and business/finance students. As I stood in the entrance, it was the first time in my life I wished I had pursued a degree in business, rather than journalism.

I waited outside the door for another minute and then turned around. As much as I need a job come May, I refuse to lose myself or my passion in that process.

And so, for now, I shall remain “a Lost Girl.”


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