LG Spring Break: A Philly Cheese Steak to Go

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This week, Lost Girl Kristen J. Putch will be sending us dispatches from her recent Spring Break in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Will her journey be “Shag” revisited? Stay tuned to find out…

Spring Break: A term that ellicits images of girls gone wild and body shots. But for me, Spring Break means me and two of my best friends, Jen and Alexa, roadtripping down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to spend time reading and relaxing before graduation.

So, we packed up the car (and I do mean PACKED), and began our 600 mile journey to the beach house we rented with 12 other people in Corolla, NC.

PITSTOP: Philadelphia

Since we were a couple days ahead of schedule, not being able to check into our house until Saturday, and not wanting to spend those few precious days off in frigid Syracuse, we decided to head down to Jen’s home outside of Philadelphia. Never having been to the City of Brotherly Love before, I was excited to explore this historic destination.

We started off our day by heading to the center of town, and after grabbing some Starbucks for a morning jolt. We then headed over to City Nails on Square, on the corner of Ludlow and 20th St. where we got mani/pedis for just $25 (hey, what is spring break without pretty toes?).

After our nail polish dried, we grabbed a cab and headed Jim’s Steaks at 400 South St., where I was introduced to the classic Philly Cheesesteak (with Whiz). If you’ve ever had a Philly Steak outside of Philly, I’m pretty confident in saying, you are just kidding yourself, because this was incredible.

Following the steaks, we headed over to Old City, the place where freedom was born. I’m pretty sure I’m the only who was actually excited about this, but I’m a history major, so I had to indulge myself. However, upon arrival, I discovered that you had to buy a ticket to tour Independence Hall (I guess freedom really isn’t free, is it?). After that minor disappointment, we walked across the steak to check out the Liberty Bell (no ticket necessary!). It’s just small museum with information on the bell and it’s uses to our ancestors, but it was interesting to me, but I can’t say the same for Jen and Alexa.

Our day concluded with a short cab ride (word to the wise, don’t grab a cab during rush hour), and a walk down Market Street before we took our tired selves home to rest up for the remainder of our journey.

Stay tuned for more spring break fun from the beaches of the Outer Banks!

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