ProjectExplorer: Fostering the next generation of Global Citizens

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Jen: When it comes to non-profit organizations, The Lost Girls tend to gravitate towards those that: a) focus on global/international issues, b) aid children in need and c) use film, media (or travel blogs :)) as educational tools. So when we discovered that ProjectExplorer meets all three of our favorite criteria, we just had to find out more. As luck would have it, ProjectExplorer recently held an intimate dowtown meet ‘n greet and film screening to celebrate the launch of their Jordan series, so Amanda and I were able to get a first-hand glimpse at the amazing work that they do.

Aimed at fostering the next generation of global citizens, ProjectExplorer produces free eductional film series and multi-media programs designed to introduce students to the world’s traditions, cultures and histories. To date, ProjectExplorer has created virtual fieldtrips for the kindergarden through 12th grade community with programs such as Shakespeare’s England and South Africa/Student-to-Student (part 1 and 2) with new projects in development (Singapore: One Land, Many Countries, Central America: Ecosystems, Southeast Asia: Storytelling and Greece & Italy: Birth & Rebirth) and the latest addition of Jordan: Cultural Crossroads.

At the event, we had the privelege of meeting ProjectExplorer’s founder Jenny Buccos who, since leaving the corporate world in 2001 (extra kudos from us for that!) has worked tirelessly to bring all of the organizations projects to life. In June 2008, she was featured in O, The Oprah Magazine for her work in South Africa and she’s also been featured on television and radio programs on three continents.

Between hearing Jenny and other supporting staff speak so passionately about the organization and watching video testimonies from children world-wide who’ve been positively influenced by ProjectExplorer, Amanda and I decided that it was our duty to spread the word about this outstanding non-profit, to you, our most loyal readers and fellow Global Citizens!


To find out more about ProjectExplorer, check out their website:

Check out a special video preview of the Jordan Series:

What is ProjectExplorer?
Founded in 2003, ProjectExplorer is nonprofit organization that produces free online global travel series. Via the Internet, ProjectExplorer provides students with access to peoples and places they may never have seen or knew existed. ProjectExplorer’s online film series, photos, travel blogs, and encyclopedia-style research are provided free-of-charge. ProjectExplorer’s programs cover multiple subject areas that foster cross-cultural understanding.

Our Mission
To provide a global cultural experience through film and multimedia materials aimed at fostering the next generation of global citizens.

How It Works
ProjectExplorer knows that travel is an educational experience that is like no other; our projects and materials are designed to expose students to various regions, traditions and cultures, but also to help shape the next generation of global citizens.

Over the last decade, the emphasis placed on global education has significantly increased in primary and secondary education. Students and educators are no longer limited by the geographic locations of their places of learning; technology can literally bring the world to the classroom. Via the internet, ProjectExplorer provides students with access to peoples and places around the world. Our multimedia approach makes ProjectExplorer accessible to students from diverse backgrounds, of any learning style or ability.

As a web-based resource, ProjectExplorer is able to reach a diverse audience, providing opportunities to access and share information. ProjectExplorer story-based learning covers multiple subject areas that foster cross-cultural understanding.

To accomplish its mission, ProjectExplorer relies on and continues to seek partnerships from corporate and government sponsors, as well as individual supporters. It is with their help that ProjectExplorer is made available free-of-charge to the learners of the world, so that we all might better understand one another. It’s time to Go Global with ProjectExplorer!

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  • Michaela says:

    As a ProjectExplorer Board Member, avid traveler, and fellow blogger, I am so excited that you have chosen to highlight this amazing organization.

    I know you understand the importance of international travel and the education you gain from life on the road. PE is helping to educate the next generation of global citizens in the classroom and hopefully introducing them to the world in a positive way.


  • travelandtrips says:

    Nice blog..
    ☆ Martinha ☆