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Justin Mott Anvi FishADP: Two years ago, The Lost Girls were visiting Hanoi, Vietnam and met a really incredible group of locals and ex-pats who helped to change our perspective on the country (we’d had some negative, typical tourist experiences, and we actually considering leaving the country early!) Justin Mott, one of the people that we met, was a San Fran based documentary photographer who had spent the last few years snapping photos haunting, beautiful and heartbreaking photos all across Vietnam. It was after looking at the photos–and learning more about the country–Jen, Holly and I knew we knew we needed to stick around and see Vietnam from as many angles as possible in the time that we had left. We did, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions we made on the trip (we can’t wait to go back after the book is done!).

Over the past couple of years, The Lost Girls lost touch with Justin, but we recently reconnected (thank goodness for google) and I learned that he’s been shooting for major magazines and newspapers all over the word…you name it, he’s worked for them. He’s also one of the top 30 frontrunners in a photography competition called “Name Your Dream Assignment.” To win, he needs votes, so I’m hoping you could hook a Lost Boy up and head over to this website to show your support.
More on the contest
By earning the most votes, the winner will get a cash grant to shoot the assignment they submitted, which is Justin’s case, is to “explore between people who dedicate their lives to looking after animals in harms way around the world. An elephant orphanage in Kenya, a orangutan sanctuary in Borneo, and many more.”
Here’s a link to vote for Justin at “Name Your Dream Assignment”
It takes a few minutes to cast your entry (click on the little yellow tab on the upper left corner). Not only will you help a guy get one step closer to his dream, but you’d be helping the LG’s thank Justin for all his help in Hanoi. Pay it forward, people!
Thanks all!!
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