Lost Girls Field Trip: Andros Island-Part 9

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Jen: While I wouldn’t trade my position as 1/3 of The Lost Girls writing team for anything in…well…the world, I recently spread my journalist wings and accepted my first solo assignment: a 9-part web series on Andros Island for the pop culture travel site, Jaunted.com. But even though I temporarily flew away from the nest, I felt compelled to bring my stories home to you, my favorite TLG readers. So at long last, my ninth and final post is below. Enjoy!

And click here to revisit the entire Andros Series any time you feel lonely for a little shark humor, scuba puns or any of my island rum-induced musings!


Masters of the Andros Island Dive Universe:
Before you (scuba) dive headfirst into the third longest reef system in the world (and second largest in the Atlantic Ocean), you’re gonna want to call in the professionals. So that’s exactly what I did on my recent getaway to the Small Hope Bay Lodge on Andros.

Check out my video interview with my two favorite dive masters, Amanda Lee and Loren Kearney, for an insider’s take on diving the 142-mile long Andros Barrier Reef and all the bad-ass sites that make Small Hope a scuba diver’s paradise!


[googleMap name=”Andros Island, Bahamas” width=”500″ height=”300″ directions_to=”false”]Andros Island, Bahamas[/googleMap]

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