Off-Season Travel: Niagara Falls

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Niagara Fallsby Molly Fergus

After running from three hurricanes this summer, I have some (justifiably!) mixed feelings on off-season travel. Sure, the lines are shorter, crowds thinner and prices cheaper, but none of that matters if Hurricane Dolly cuts your beach getaway short.

Nonetheless, my co-worker Amanda and I decided to risk frigid temps and road trip from Detroit, MI to Niagara Falls for two of our off days last month. We missed out on some falls classics, like the Maid of the Mist, but this touristy town is definitely an off-season steal. Just bring a warm raincoat.

Check out our wintertime Niagara favorites, and then tell us what you think are some of the best cities to visit off-peak!

A room with a view: After a quick Priceline scan, we snagged a room at the Radisson Fallsview for just $63. Bonus: the front desk clerk at the (very empty) hotel gave us an automatic upgrade to a Falls/River View room.

Light on the tack As a tourist town, much of the tacky hoopla shuts down for the winter, so visitors can enjoy a stroll by the falls without distraction. Still, if you enjoy the occasional tourist haunt, the big spots – like all of the Ripley’s attractions – are still operating. They’re just empty, which makes those wax museums even creepier.

America the beautiful They look like a trickle next to the Canadian side, but the American falls offer their own winter beauty, when sections of the rocks and water freeze up and collect snow.

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  • previously.bitten says:

    I hope you crossed the boarder to view from Canada. The Canadian side of the falls are far superiod (and less factory…) Plus, there’s the great main strip with ferris wheel, Frankenstein two stories tall on a burger king, and other such delights.

    Tokyo is a good place to see off season. It’s always raging.

  • Marina K. Villatoro says:

    i know off season travel can seem bad due to weather, but i think this year has been horrible regardless of on or off season. i’ve been to niagara for both and i still have to say i love it when there’s no one around and you get the place to your self. cause i’ve been there when it was full on with the wacky honeymooners, who would have their honeymoon there is beyond me, and all the families.
    The Travel Expert(a) – Living and Traveling Central America

  • sendingpostcards says:

    Hi! Thanks for all the great posts… I found your page after my fiancé and I decided to sell the house & travel around the world. You have been incredibly helpful. I mentioned you on my page yesterday. Hope you don't mind!

  • Ninia says:

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  • Robert says:

    Niagara Falls is a must see for anyone. Thanks for letting us know about the great off season bargains. My readers will enjoy this.