Last Minute Trips: Spring Break in Spain

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Ashlee Davis Syracuse UniversityEarlier this year, The Lost Girls traveled to Syracuse University to give a panel discussion with the Ed210 and Women in Communications chapters. During our trip, we met Syracuse Ed2010 web editor Ashlee Davis, who later wrote to share that she’d booked a last-minute Spring Break trip to three cities in Spain. We asked her to share how she pulled an international adventure together so quickly and to give us the scoop on what’s cool that’s on the Iberian side of the Atlantic. This week and next, you can read about her adventures here….


How I Planned My Last Minute Spring Break
by Ashlee Davis

Last March, I traveled from Syracuse to Florida with my three roommates for spring break. One of the three, Julia, lives near Fort Myers, so we stayed at her house for the majority of our trip. Her beautiful house on the intercoastal combined with her dad’s incredible hospitality made the trip unforgettable, especially because we were on a budget.

I figured nothing could top that great deal, until about a month ago.

In the fall, many of my friends, all Syracuse University students, wanted to get a head start on their spring break plans. By the end of September, a huge group of seniors were going to Jamaica and another group of juniors were going to Mexico. I was not a part of either. My best friends were abroad and I didn’t want to shell out so much money just to tag along.

Spain Spring BreakI had a change of heart when my best friend Allison returned to school after studying abroad in France and backpacking through Europe over winter break. I was considering visiting my friend Emily in Chile and Allison urged me to go. Emily was a fan of the idea too so she suggested that I check out for cheap plane tickets.

I couldn’t believe how helpful the site was. Despite my lack of experience with booking flights online, I still think the concept is incredible. All you have to do is type in your location, destination, and dates and the site calculates all possible flights, with the cheapest choices at the top of the list.

Though plans with Emily didn’t work out, I realized that visiting friends abroad was possible with reasonable flight prices. Two of my three old roommates were studying abroad in London and had plans to travel Spain – Barcelona, Mallorca, and Madrid. I found a flight from New York to Barcelona, and then Madrid to New York for under $400! The economy combined with my last minute preparation worked in my favor!

My roommates, now more experienced travelers, helped a great deal with booking our hotels, which were also inexpensive – practically cheaper than hostels (one of the benefits of being part of an abroad program)! They also found cheap flights from Barcelona and Mallorca by simply googling Spanish discount airlines.

Overall, I must be one lucky spring breaker. I ended up experiencing Spain for much less money than the average traveler. Another friend that traveled with us happened to have family friends, who opened their home in Mallorca to us for four nights.

Fate was on my side when planning my trip to Spain, but I still encourage last minute planning. I say, go for it! Find out what your options are. You might discover that it’s easier (and less expensive) than you think!

Stay tuned for more on Ashlee’s trip. Check out her posts on Syracuse Ed2010 right here.
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    Your journey has been a delightful inspiration, one many of us I am sure would love to “hold” onto. Is there a beautifully photographed book or dairy in your future? makes it real easy.