World Nomads: VAN-Tastistic Adventures Australian Road Trip

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World NomadsDuring the course of The Lost Girls’ year-long adventure around the world, Amanda, Holly and I tallied numerous brag-worthy adventures (hiking the Inca Trail; sandboarding down mountain-sized dunes; rafting over a 21 foot waterfall), unique cultural experiences (capoeira classes in a world-renowned Mestre Bimba academy; initiation into the Kenyan Maasai tribe; a homestay in a Hmong village) and a few near-misses to keep things interesting (getting stranded in Peruvian desert/hitchhiking a ride from a priest in a minivan; foiling the dastardly attempts of bag-slashers in Vietnam and Thailand; breaking embassy records for successfully begging for last minute visas). But by far our most notorious claim to fame was when yours truly crashed our World Nomads camper van into the wooden overhang of a hotel during our final weeks in Australia.

World Nomads Considering that we were serving as official Ambassadors for this OZ-based travel insurance company, who’d loaned us their beloved psychedelic vehicle (who they’ve since named Geoff) free of charge in exchange for blogging, I’d assumed we’d be immediately kicked to the curb for such an egregious misuse of their company property. As it turned out, our wonderful friends at Travellers Auto Barn (the official provider of the World Nomads van) not only forgave me for shaving half the roof off of poor Geoff, but they even gave us another vehicle so the girls and I could continue our road trip up the east coast to Byron Bay.

Trip to Australia Needless to say, I’ve pledged my undying devotion to all things World Nomads (who even invited us to be their friends on Facebook if you can believe it) so I just had to share their latest and greatest Van-tastic contest with all you intrepid adventurers out there. But remember kids, as I’ve said before and I’ll say again, low clearance signs are about as popular Down Under as Fosters Beer, so if you find yourself one of the lucky winners of Geoff, keep a watchful eye on what’s above you – and in the wise words of World Nomads, Keep Travelling Safely!

Win the ultimate Aussie road trip & $10,000

The competition is now open to become one of 7 teams on our VAN-tastic Adventures Australian road trip. Winning teams will get 6 weeks in ‘Geoff’, our fully kitted out campervan, money for fuel, a stack of cool activities (think diving the Great Barrier Reef, sailing The Whitsundays, surf camp on Bondi beach and so much more), PLUS the chance to win $10,000 and flights with Virgin Blue. Naturally we want you to share all this fun via short videos, blogs, photos and podcasts, so we’re looking for sparkling personalities with a zest for life and a passion for travel.

Find out more and apply:

We’ve started a VAN-tastic Facebook – become a fan:

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