Best NYC Cafes for Writers: EarthMatters

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Since posting my Viva La Vie Boheme blog a couple weeks ago, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve slipped back into old bad habits. Although I’ve added a few sets of rather stylish pajamas and lounge wear to my ‘freelance uniform’ collection, that’s still no excuse for keeping myself on house arrest. As luck would have it, fellow blogger, Larissa Olenicoff, responded to my plea for cafe suggestions – and with a location in my hood, to boot! So goodbye boxers and t-shirt, I’m setting up shop at the EarthMatters cafe.

Larissa–Lost Girl of Week Larissa Olenicoff, reports:

In response to your Viva La Vie Boheme! entry, might I suggest you check out EarthMatters in the Lower East Side. Well, a more sophisticated venue might be Epistrophy in Nolita (check that out too –, but I spent more time at EarthMatters during my 5 month stint in NYC trying to break into the writing world than I did in my apartment, so I have to give it props. It’s just a cozy little organic cafe where you can spend hours surfing on their free wifi and sipping on the delicious, organic juices and coffee that they offer. The people who work there are a nice, eclectic bunch, and Moby was frequently my table neighbor, so you are in good company. Lots of seating upstairs and downstairs and they even have a roof patio which I’m sure is amazing in the summertime (unfortunately I was there in the dead of winter).

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Earth Matters

Earth Matters Location: Lower East Side (177 Ludlow Street, between Houston and Stanton)
Their Philosophy: EarthMatters organic market was created to bring a change and a chance for better community life.
WiFi: Yes. And it’s Free!
Caffeine Factor: Organic coffees and lattes
Food: Organic Breakfast, Salads, Soups, Smoothies and more.
Bonus Features: In house computers available for $9 per hour; A fully stocked health foods store providing organic prepared food, organic groceries and produce, environmentally-friendly household products, and a large selection of vitamins and herbal supplements.

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