Ultra Cheap Flights to Sydney this Summer

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Sydney Opera House and HarbourEarlier this month, I took a 26-hour marathon flight from New York to Australia to be one of the first to experience Vivid Sydney-a three-week music and light festival that transformed the city’s harbor into a living art canvas. During my trip, I blogged about the experience for PeterGreenberg.com. Read on for the first step of my trip-finding the right flight.


Budget Travelers Rejoice: Competition Makes Australian Airfares Cheaper Than Ever

If you took an informal poll of the destinations most people want to visit in their lifetime, chances are, Australia would appear at the top of many travelers’ wish lists.

Unfortunately, the Land of Oz has long seemed out of reach for most Americans, not just because it’s tough to secure two consecutive weeks of vacation time, but because you practically had to take out a small loan to afford the trans-Pacific ticket.

But now, that’s all changing, thanks to some stiff competition between four major airlines, all vying for the opportunity to whisk you across the Pacific. While most carriers are taking steps to cut back their international service in the face of a global economic slowdown, Delta and the brand new V Australia have launched new wallet-friendly routes to Australia, while Qantas and United are offering serious incentives to fly their current ones.

Australian koala with leavesWhat that means is that airfares have dropped by as much as 57 percent since last September. A year ago, the lowest fares between Los Angeles and Sydney exceeded $2000. Fast forward to 2009, and travelers could find rates as low as $299 one-way from L.A. and San Francisco to Sydney or Brisbane on Qantas (New Yorkers added $100 more for their tickets).

Prices have gone up slightly, but there are still plenty of unbelievable deals to be found on flights and airfare/hotel packages. If you can negotiate the time off work-or suddenly find yourself with a severance package and some serious spare time on your hands-you might want to look into these affordable options for making your way Down Under.

Need even more incentive to pack your bags? Compared to a year ago, the U.S. greenback has strengthened against the Aussie dollar, and a buck now buys you 22 percent more than what it did in summer 2008. So when you touch down at Sydney airport, your greenbacks can be put to good use.

To learn more about specific flight deals, read the rest of this post at PeterGreenberg.com.

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