Around-the-World Honeymoon

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Pepper Lunch TokyoWhat would be your dream honeymoon? For Lost Girl of the Week Mina, it’s a trip around the world. She and her fiancé are selling their home in Winnipeg, paring down their belongings, and leaving everything familiar behind after their wedding this September. You can follow their blog to see how they’re prepping for the open road (from what they chose to put in storage and what stuff they decided to sell, to how they tried being tourists in their hometown).

As Mina gets ready for longterm travel, she’s looking back on trips she’s taken with her fiancé so far. Tokyo is one of the first places she wants to visit again on her around-the-world honeymoon. Today, she’s sharing her impressions on why she thinks Tokyo is the best-dressed city, and what really sets the people there apart from other places.

My fiancé and I took a trip to Tokyo in October 2008 and have been itching to go back ever since. I have been to Paris, and I can still say that I’ve never seen a city as well dressed as Tokyo. The majority of men all wear well-tailored suits and the women all exhibit a sartorial elegance. I can’t even begin to describe the amazing style of the younger adults and teenagers. Perhaps they all just look lovely because the typical Japanese frame seems to be perfect for designer clothing. I know that a traditional Japanese diet is quite healthy; full of matcha, rice, fish, and an abundance of vegetables. I speculate that this is the reason why Japanese people are so hot!

Tokyo HoneymoonDuring the two weeks we spent in Tokyo, we were able to see and do so many things, but we knew that it wasn’t enough time to experience all that Japan has to offer. Most of our experiences were with the contemporary culture in Tokyo: Harajuku girls, collectibles, people sleeping in random places, hilarious j-pop videos, and seizure-inducing television programs.

The plethora of food choices in Tokyo is fabulous. From the cheap gyÅ«don (beef bowl) to the high end wagyu beef – it is all delicious. On our first day we dined on a sushi breakfast in the Tsukiji Fish Market. For ¥3,670 had the ‘Omakase’ (trust the chef) course which was 11 pieces of nigiri sushi, rolls, tamago and miso soup. We waited several hours in a long line but the meal was worth it! We found the price of food in Tokyo to be similar to that of many other metropolitan cities. You could easily find places that charged ‘tourist prices’ but inexpensive local favorites are everywhere as well. There are a ridiculous amount of options for places to eat and things to do.

tokyo japan honeymoonFor the young at heart, there are two Disney theme parks to visit. Although the costs are comparable to the American Disney parks, the Japanese Disney experience is truly unique. There are also an abundance of galleries in Japan. We were able to visit several museums including, my favorite, the John Lennon Museum (Yoko-approved). It is located in the northern Tokyo suburb of Saitama, but is easily accessible by Tokyo’s vast network of trains and metros (Admission cost: ¥1,500 for adults, ¥4,50 for public transportation).

The passengers of these metros are the perfect example of Japanese propriety. I have never been to a city that had so many people before, and yet I felt that my personal space was respected even while I was squished into a rush-hour train. Even the employees of the fast food restaurants would not let us throw away our own garbage. They would run and grab our trays from us before we could walk to the trash. A sales associate in a department store saw me eying a coat and proceeded to run and grab a catalogue for me so that I could see the coat on models. Later when we asked her for directions she walked outside, into the rain, to show us where to go. The kindness of the people of Japan is palpable. I think that is why I was so elated to be there and just the thought of returning there, as one of our first destinations on our upcoming around-the-world trip, makes me just as happy. I can’t wait!

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  • J.M. says:

    Wow. I wish I could go on a honeymoon around the world. I went to their blog, I can’t believe how many places they’ve been and they’re so young. Unfortunately, Yoko is closing the John Lennon Museum, so I won’t be able to go to it.