The Lost Girls Leave for Panama!

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Bocas Del Toros PanamaIt’s been a long time in coming, but the three Lost Girls are finally making good on the promise that we made to ourselves at the end of our RTW adventure-that we’d take one trip a year together, every year, ’til we were old and gray and wearing fanny packs with wild abandon.

Granted, we had a pretty good excuse for hunkering down and not flexing our passports, but now that The Lost Girls book is finally finished (insert massive celebration on our parts!) we felt it was time to treat ourselves to a little jaunt down to Central America.
This afternoon, we’ll be leaving for Panama and spending the next two weeks touring the country, staring first in Panama City, then hitting the Pacific surf town of Santa Catalina before meeting up with two new Lost Girls (Meg and Courtney) on the Caribbean island group of Bocas del Toro.
We’ll be doing a bit of blogging each day and posting photos as we go. Ready to hit the road with us? Okay then, let’s go!
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  • says:

    Excellent! Glad to hear that the book is done and can't wait to see some of the pics from Panama!! I hear that it is gorgeous 🙂

  • Manuel says:

    you will love panama!
    let me know if you need any info about my country.

  • Global Butterfly says:

    Oooooh, I'm SO excited for you 3. You're going to adore Panama. I can't wait to hear about your adventures there. CONGRATS on finishing the book, what an awesome accomplishment. 🙂

  • Cindi says:

    Please do NOT stay @ Gran Kahuna Hostel in Bocas del Toro. I got serious bed bugs and it was extremely loud and hot! But I would definitely recommend the $20 day tour that takes you to 2 snorkeling spots, a view of dolphins and Red Frog Beach – which is beautiful! Have a blast and congrats on the book!!!