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by Sarah Amandolare
LG Entertainment Editor

George Clooney is known for many things: Salt and pepper hair, his role on the original doctor drama ER and a playboy lifestyle, complete with a villa on Italy’s celebrity-soaked Lake Como. His recent commitment to improving conditions in Darfur may have given Clooney a more serious image, but it’s the actor’s work-hard-play-hard lifestyle that seems to entice audiences most. When asked whether he’d consider running for political office, Clooney famously said, “No. I’ve slept with too many women, I’ve done too many drugs and I’ve been to too many parties.”

Enter Up in the Air. The film hits North American theaters December 4 and features Clooney as Ryan Bingham, “a corporate downsizing expert” who fires people for a living. Directed by Jason Reitman, of Juno fame, Up in the Air focuses on Bingham and his fast-paced life on the road. He travels from city to city avoiding anything that requires too much thought or feeling, giving workers the proverbial boot without a shred of guilt. “I’m like my mom. I stereotype. It’s faster,” he quips in the trailer.

If audiences find it hard to relate to Clooney’s lifestyle, many of us may discover a kindred spirit in Ryan Bingham. “All the things you probably hate about traveling are warm reminders that I am home,” he says. The appearance of a plucky young assistant, who puts her Yale degree to good use by tagging along with Bingham, seems to bring about a shift. “You have set up a life that basically makes it impossible for you to have any kind of human connection,” she berates Bingham at one point. Oh, the trials of long-term travel.

Luckily, there’s a travel-related contest connected with the film. American Airlines is giving away two tickets to the premiere and an entire year’s worth of First Class air travel to any destination in the U.S. or Canada. Movie posters and the soundtrack to the film will be handed out to 20 other First Prize winners. The catch? You’ll have to purchase a flight on by October 31. Full information and registration details are available here from American Airlines.

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