Movie Travel: In Search of Twilight

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by Sarah Amandolare
LG Entertainment Editor

I’ve never been a vampire fan – I have vague memories of Brad Pitt‘s pony-tailed appearance in Interview with a Vampire. But it seems the fanged creatures, like Twitter and overpriced coffee, are something I’ve got to make peace with. Main characters Bella and Edward have so enamored audiences that it’s almost impossible to get through the day without hearing someone say “Twilight.” The film, inspired by Stephanie Meyer‘s book, has even trickled down to travel, particularly to corners of Washington State where portions were filmed.

The second installment “New Moon” arrives in theaters November 20, prompting Washington State Tourism to launch a Twilight-themed section on its site. The page contains insights into three destinations: Forks, a blue-collar logging town; La Push, a coastal community; and Port Angeles, which caters to outdoorsy types.

Of the three, La Push seems most enticing, due partly to its close proximity to Cape Flattery. The cape is the furthest northwest point in the U.S., and has a thriving population of sea lions-check out this Lonely Planet video of Cape Flattery’s coastal scenery and wildlife. Another plus is La Push’s crescent-shaped First Beach, where whales are visible during migration season.

La Push itself is also intriguing. The Quileute Tribe calls the village home, and the peoples’ preference for laid back, slow living permeates the coastal enclave. Most hotels lack TV and telephones, and a single restaurant and 15 relatively new “luxury cabins” are the most flashy amenities travelers will find there, according to But ravenous “Twilight” fans are likely to descend soon, and with them a swell of changes could arrive.

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