Parthenon Hostel in Chicago’s Greek Town

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Today we have Lost Girl Krista Johnson reporting on how she saved big bucks and booked a hostel for her group when she organized a trip to Chicago’s entrepreneurship conference. She’s a public relations major at Syracuse University.


By Krista Johnson
Special to Lost Girls World

Just a short walk from the heart of Chicago, tucked between two Greek restaurants, is a glass door with a piece of paper that reads “Parthenon Hostel.” It wasn’t an official sign by any means, but for my weekend in Chicago, it was home. When the rest of the Entrepreneurship Club and I entered, we found a surprisingly well furnished dining room and bar where we stored our luggage until we received room assignments. Then it was up, up, up four rickety flights of stairs.

We entered our room that included four bunk beds, a 4×6 mirror framed in gold, and two sets of drawers with Grecian column accents. We explored the guys’ room, which also had lockers and an extra dresser (funny how the guys got extra wardrobe space and the girls didn’t). Romantic water color paintings lined the hostel’s hallways-some hung and some leaned against the wall adding a “look, but don’t touch” feel to the hostel’s decor.

Weary from the road, I quickly looked for the bathroom to freshen up. From the negative feedback I’d heard of hostel bathrooms, I expected the worst. But, to my pleasant surprise, the facilities were a step up from my college dorm bathrooms. There was plenty of sunlight, roomy showers, and a piney fresh scent that cut traces of any locker-room smell in the air. As the night went on, groups of travelers continued to check into the hostel. We quickly met other visitors, who smiled and greeted us. We exchanged casual small talk-where we were from, what we were up to in Chicago, that sort of thing. One rowdy group of Irishmen even invited us in to enjoy their “spirits” and listen to stories. For $27 per guest, per night, we got a modernly furnished room, clean showers and quirky company. Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars. To explore more checkout the hostel’s site.

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  • Malin says:

    I stayed at this hostel too when I was in Chicago. It's a decent place, and in a great location too!! Recommend it!

  • rhonalala says:

    Thanks for the tip! Interesting that Chicago is one of my U.S. trips goal for 2010 and along comes this post. I've saved the site to my favorites.

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