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By Danielle Alvarez
LG Food Editor

A round up of the most delicious news in the world.

Sweet Scandinavia
The land of Norway holds fascination for any traveler: vivid pictures of cottages nestled into fjords on the sea’s coast, Vikings on massive ships sailing through icy waters, and the beloved internationally-popular smoked salmon. Well, allow me to serve you yet another reason to be amazed, Spritz, Norwegian butter cookies. Bake your own buttery perfection just in time for the holiday season with this recipe.

Source: Acquired Taste

A Charitable Bark
By 2025, farmers need to double their food output to feed an estimated global population of eight billion people. Quench your thirst for travel while also sustaining the earth, our food source, and saving money. Go WOOFing. This international organization and network that facilitates volunteer opportunities on organic farms in nearly 45 countries. With a couple of hard work hours a week you receive, food, housing, and an immersion in the culture of the organic farming experience.

Source: The Strong Buzz

Jewish Replacements
The final candle was lit this past weekend by Chanukah celebrators all over the world. But during the entire seven days hardly any latkas were eaten in Israel. Thanks to a surplus of traditional vegetable oil for frying, an increase in microwave usage, and the convenience in preparation time and effort, these scrumptious and traditional potato pancakes “have been displaced by donuts-there’s no doubt about it.” says Haifa University sociologist, Oz Almog.

Source: TheJC.com

Florida gets hot, hot, hot
The 5th annual St. Petersburg Grand Chili Cookoff took place in early December but the medley of winning recipes are surely enough to keep you cozy, warm and satisfied for the rest of season. From Island Seafood’s white bean and seafood chili to Nitally’s Thai twist, don’t forget about this spicy pot of goodness when the creative and comforting craving hits.

Source: Inkwatu

New auth-ethnic trends
Some of the best meals I’ve had around the world have been anything but authentic but rather fresh, unique, and unlike anything that I’d ever tasted. “A recent New York Times article noted that in 2005, 12.8 million immigrants became naturalized United States citizens and that an increasing number of immigrants hale from Asia and Latin America and fewer are European,” noted John Talbotts, a Parisian foodie currently living in the United States. This cultural and ethnic diversity is visible within the flavors of any major city, and is certainly bringing us a whole new generation of ethnic food.

Source: John Talbott’s Paris

Photo Sources: Cookies, http://cooking.knopfdoubleday.com/
Latkas, Newsday.com

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