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By Danielle E. Alvarez
LG Food Editor

A roundup of the most delicious news in the world.


hummusMash and Win

Hummus is arguably the oldest known prepared food, but a small Arab-Israeli village in Abu Ghosh has made it something for the Guinness World Records to dip in to. It took nearly fifty chefs to mash over four tons of hummus, and to beat the record set in Lebanon-their political, and apparently, culinary rival-just months ago. The simple dish of chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic was dished out in a twenty-foot satellite dish provided by sponsors. “I’ve heard Lebanon is already planning to strike back,” said Guinness adjudicator Jack Brookbank.

Source: Yahoo News

Comida Criolla

Traditional Peruvian food has officially become a hot tourist attraction. Recently, Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism has begun to promote gastronomy and archeological tours within the country. “The goal,” says Peru’s Minister for Foreign Trade Martin Perez, “is to encourage tourists to visit museums, taste traditional dishes and also go to the different restaurants of a region.” I’m sure we could all agree that we can’t imagine any other way to travel.

Source: Canela Y Comino

Yummy Apps

Rejoice as the wonderful world of food is available from your iPhone. Hosting a Mexican dinner party in Timbaktu? Search the web with your new 3G S and install recipe apps like Epicurious and Künchengötter. Go food shopping with a list on Zenbe. Then, use The Bread Baker Timer and Kitchen Calculator PRO while you’re busy in the kitchen. No matter where your global travels take you, take your technology and foodie interests with you and you’re sure to have a delicious time.

Source: Delicious Days

The International Food of Kenya

If Africa is known for a cuisine it would arguably be a tie between Moroccan and Ethiopian, but that hardly means that other countries are lacking plates to bring to the table. With the American president’s roots in Kenya, why not get a taste of their delicacies? Among the Simple Coconut Relish, sweet breakfast Mandazi, and the nutrition Sukuma Wiki side dish, you’re sure to come back for more from eastern Africa’s cultural melting pot.

Source: JustFoodNow.com

Viva Italia

January 17th marks the world’s first International Day of Italian Cuisines with it’s launch in New York City at the Italian Culinary Academy. “Due to its history, NYC is the ideal capital of worldwide Italian cuisine,” says Cesare Casella, executive chef of Salumeria Rosi in the Big Apple, leader of the GVCI in USA and more than anything else director of the Italian Culinary Studies of New York International Culinary Institute. Stay tuned as a symbolic collective cooking of tagliatelle by Mario Batalli and other culinary starts that have made the Italian culinary culture what it is today.

Source: The Gotham Palate

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