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Family & Kid Travel — By on February 25, 2010 at 12:09 pm

Maggie Gyllenhaal Peter Sarsgaard RamonaSo here’s a bit of fun news that came across our desks…it turns out that actress Maggie Gyllenhaal is an avid traveler and fellow Lost Girl!

A source emailed us yesterday to share that our website-Lost Girls World-is one of her bookmarked destinations, and we’re psyched to hear that our neighbor from Brooklyn is reading along online.

Maggie will be appearing tomorrow morning on the talk show Live with Regis & Kelly to promote her new movie Crazy Heart, and to discuss family life with husband Peter Sarsgaard and their daughter Ramona.

As it turns out, Maggie wants to travel more frequently with her daughter, (who’s now 3 years old) but isn’t sure which destinations would be appropriate for a young child. She wants to find a few locales where she and her family can share fun adventures and cultural learning experiences-but still manage to stick to a routine similar to the one they have at home (which includes daily naptime for little girls!).

Since we don’t have kids (yet!), we’d love to turn this question over to you. Which destinations do you think are both educational and fun for 3 to 6 years olds? If you could go anywhere in the world with your a small child-whether its your own child or a young family member-where would it be?

Post a comment below or write to us at lostgirlsworld@gmail.com. We’ll post your responses in a future blog-and be sure to forward them along to Maggie!

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  • kelly says:

    I’m probably one of the few people who actually *likes* to see kids on planes; I’m so excited for their journey! So, off-the-cuff, here are a few suggestions:

    Everyday is an adventure in India, and while I was there I saw a number of families with little ones. It has that whole “feast for the senses” thing that mesmerizes and entertains children, with so many colors, sounds, smells, faces. Train travel is easy, and private transportation is certainly accessible. Plus, there is such a large population of kids in India that visiting children automatically see others who are their size. Though I haven’t been yet, I hear neighboring Nepal is also a good choice.

    In Europe, Belgium is great — different languages, yummy waffles, super easy trains, and a small enough to let you experience different settings in days (Brussels for something more urban; Bruges for something totally dollhouse-y and picturesque). Also, Spain is kid-friendly and there’s much to see, hear and experience; a good friend of mine takes her small children at least once a year and loves it. And you get the benefit of having so many other countries nearby via a quick flight.

    Whatever the choice, though, travel is such a treasure for kids, all education and experience…and bonding time with mom is just a triple bonus!

  • Ashley says:

    When I was planning my trip to Morocco last year, I remember coming across this article in the NY Times about how surprisingly kid-friendly Marrakesh is: http://travel.nytimes.com/2009/03/08/travel/08kids.html

    I thought the city was super overwhelming for the senses, but I think it would be an exciting and rewarding cultural experience for any child. While the touts could be a bit tiresome at times, I always felt safe and everyone we encountered was extremely friendly. It’s a really dynamic city, and the new and old part of town give you a good idea of two very different sides of the culture there today.

  • As a single parent that slapped a backpack on each of her 5 and 8 yr. old daughters and headed south on the 24 hr. train to Mazatlan (this, in the ancient 70’s), I’m a HUGE advocate of traveling with your kids. The educational value of it is absolutely “priceless”. Later, at ages 8 and 11, I dragged them w/ me to study in Avignon, France and Perugia, Italy where they lapped up the language like it was chocolate milk.

    And educational? Indeed, before it was over (6 months on the lam), they could tell the difference between a Monet from a Manet!

    Ah but, that said. I honestly don’t believe that a 3 yr. old will benefit much from the cultural exposure that global travel offers – if they even remember the experience at all. The rigors of travel (presuming we’re not talking a stay at a luxury resort which imho pretty much precludes any authentic cultural exchange) might well be more upsetting than “educational” to young toddlers.

    But by 4 or 5 yrs. which destinations? Why most anywhere in the entire world of course!

  • Shannon OD says:

    I’d have to agree with Global Granny that three’s a bit young to expect a child to remember the experience, but at the same time, it’s never too early to introduce them to travel and what it feels like to be on the road – I have some kid travel experience through traveling w/my nieces and nephews and they definitely were able to handle the strains that travel causes (like pushing back nap times, new foods, etc) the more they were introduced to it!

    Just as a thought, this family of 6 traveled RTW w/a 4 year old in tow and gave each kids’ perspective on places all along the way! http://www.sixintheworld.com

    As for my rec, Europe is pretty ideal with a real little one – Italy perhaps! I’m betting Maggie’s wee one will love the gelato 🙂