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Lost Girls — By on February 15, 2010 at 6:17 pm

Greetings travel (and Lost Girls) fans!

Lost GirlsJennifer, Holly and I are so thrilled to announce the kick-off of our brand new website here at www.lostgirlsworld.com [insert wild cheering, confetti throwing and noisemakers!]. This update has been a long time in the making, and now that we’ve “gone live” we’ve got lots of fun new features to show you.

For readers who are familiar with WordPress blogs,  you’ll probably appreciate the improved readability (and searchability) of our new site. For nearly four years, we’d hosted our baby on Blogger-which was the easiest platform for us to set up and maintain during our yearlong journey around the world.

Now that we’re back-and have a staff of a dozen dedicated writers and editors working with us-we decided to make the switch to a blogging platform that could grow and change as we do. That, of course, would be the self-hosted version of WordPress, which tons of big-time brands, from The Wall Street Journal and People magazine to eBay, Ford and Duke University use for their own own blogs.

With the assistance of web developer Brad Bice and some major help by Brave New Traveler creator Ian MacKenzie, we finally got this puppy up and running today, Feb 15th, 2010-we couldn’t have made the switch (or at least made it look so good!) without their expertise.

As you tour through the new-and-improved Lost Girls World, you’ll notice a some key changes:

1. Improved Searchabilty: You’ve got several ways to locate articles that interest you here on the new site. Of course, you can always input the word or phrase of your choice in the search bar at the top of every page, but you can also use the nested drop down menus on our navigation bar to browse topics, or check out the most popular posts on our sidebar widget.

2. In-depth Content: In the past year or so, we’ve had the good fortune to work with some of the savviest and most talented new editors and writers in the world of travel. While Jen, Holly and I will still be posting regularly, now you’ll also be getting the dirt on air and food news, travel how-tos, lifestyle and destination coverage and of course, the popular Lost Girls of the Week profiles, from these amazing women. Find out who’s covering what by clicking here.

3. Charitable Outreach: It’s impossible to spend a year on the road as we did- traveling primarily through developing or underdeveloped nations-and not be struck with the desire to help the men, women and children who are truly in need. We realized during our trip that handing out coins or even food wasn’t the long term answer. That’s why we’re channeling a portion of anything we earn through Lost Girls to a charitable organization-and we’re going to let our readers choose which one. Visit our LG Cause page to learn more about our plans and find out ways that you can help, too.

4. Advertising and marketing: For users looking to host their own advertising spaces, blogger isn’t exactly the most user-friendly platform  (if you’re familiar with Google Adsense, you know they’re always looking to get piece of the action!). Now that Lost Girls World is hosted on our own server, it’ll be infinitely easier to work with advertising and marketing partners. Truth be told, we’d love to bring in at least a little moolah! That way, we can keep working toward our goal of making this site the ultimate online resource for young female travelers-and donate a portion of the proceeds to causes we love (see #3 above).

5. Interactive elements: In the coming weeks, you’ll find fun quizzes, surveys, giveaways and other cool things to do on Lost Girls World. We’ll also be introducing “Lost Girls Forum” so you can swap travel stories with other readers and, if you’re so motivated, to set up trips together.

We love hearing what you have to say, so keep up those comments. Please do share your thoughts about the new site below, or by emailing us directly at lostgirlsworld@gmail.com.

Happy surfing!


The Lost Girls (Amanda, Jen and Holly)


  • Laura says:

    Congrats on the new website. Keep up the good work! And I hope you won’t mind if I link to your site from my own. Cheers!

  • Jack Norell says:

    The new digs look great, really nice theme design and (which is unusual) seems everything works right out of the box too. Congrats to getting this move done so smoothly (for us visitors at least!)

  • Lost Girls says:

    Hey Laura and Jack,

    Thanks for the comments! We have to credit Ian from Brave New Traveler for helping us get this site working correctly from the get-go. We had some issues with making things work on all browsers, but that’s corrected now.

    And of course, please link away!


  • Shannon OD says:

    Love the new layout ladies!! It looks absolutely fantastic so big props to those who helped you. 🙂 Have loved the site for a while now and think this new look really suits the dynamic and varied content that you offer 🙂 Cheers and good luck on the advertising front as you make this grow!

  • Legal Nomads says:

    Ladies! Now that I’m out of Burma and your site isn’t blocked I can take a look – and it was worth the wait! Looks clean and crisp and terrific. Congrats & am thrilled to be a LG contributor!


  • Hi Holly, Jen, and Amanda!

    Great new site! Just got back to Beijing from a trip through Hanoi, Hong Kong, Macau, and Shenzhen (China). I think I had an easier time in Hanoi than you did–maybe everyone was taking a break for Tet (their version of Chinese New Year).

    Looking forward to the book! xoxox Jennifer