How to Donate to Chile Earthquake Relief

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The view from a hike we took in Chile in December

The view from a hike we took in Chile in December

by Shadia Garrison
Philanthropy Editor

The outpouring of generosity to the people of Haiti from the whole world, but especially from Americans, has been heart-warming.  Now the people of Chile are hoping that “earthquake fatigue” has not yet set in.

As you surely know, Chile experienced an 8.8 magnitude earthquake early Saturday morning, a quake so severe that experts have deemed it a “megathrust,” and concluded that it is one of the strongest quakes on record.

Fortunately, Chile has experience with earthquakes (the largest earthquake on record, a 9.5, was recorded in Chile in 1960) so its infrastructure is not so fragile as Haiti’s was when it experienced a smaller but deadlier earthquake last month. Even with sound infrastructure and mindful construction, however, bridges have collapsed, highways are cracked open down the middle, and buildings have toppled.  There are reports that over one million houses are inhabitable and in a country of only 16 million people, that’s pretty significant.  And of course, the death count continues to grow.

If you’ve read some of my earlier posts on Lost Girls, you might know that for me, Chile is personal.  I lived in this beautiful country, have family there, and visited just two months ago.  I urge you to reach into your wallets yet again, and show Chileans how generous we can be in their time of need.

As I mentioned when I wrote about donations to Haiti,  be a critical thinker when deciding where to donate your dollars.  Here are a few organizations that would be good channels for your cash:

Thank you for your help in this difficult time.  Fuerza, Chile!

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