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A roundup of the most delicious news in the world…

Whining & Dining

Despite it’s frequency at Seder, many Jews do not actually enjoy the sweet wine that is Manischewitz. Thankfully, wineries around the world, both large and small, are producing Passover-friendly varieties. Look for these bottles with “Kosher for Passover” on the label to find your new holiday favorite or take one of the suggested bottles by wine expert, Anu Karwa, for a swirl.

Source: Culinate.com

Estepa cookiesStep into the Spain’s Sweet Capital

No matter your faith or your eating preferences (vegetarians, that means you) the small town of Estepa is a must-visit destination for all with sweet-tooths. Cookies that possibly began as an expression of Christian faith, and were traditionally made into 16th century villager commodities, mantecados (flavored, round, and crumbly cookies) and polvorones (rich almond shortbread cookies), have become a year-round local delicacy. Visit one of the thirty small factories to taste for yourself.

Source: SweetsFoods.com

(Source: http://www.ifood.tv/network/polvoron_cookies)

Warm Earth, Bitter Coffee

Coffee plants are not happy about the climate change, and it’s unlikely that you will be either. South American growers recently gathered in Guatamala at the World Conference to discuss the possible changing growing conditions and ways they could prepare. A warmer climate will likely encourage the farmers to plant the less delicate robusta varieties that can be more caffeinated and bitter, unlike the present-day and ever-popular Arabica coffees.
Source: NPR.org

No Reason to go Pain-less

Atkins fans need not apply. The French panel known as Grand Prix de la Baguette de Tradition Française de la Ville de Paris  has just released the winners of it’s annual contest: the bakery that produces the best baguette in Paris. Wonder if Stéphane Eury (98 rue de Meaux, 75019) a winner for the past two years, made the cute in 2010? Either way, if you happen to be in City of Lights, we’d suggest you head over and stat.

Source: Megzimbeck.com

Lays’ Salt Now Couture

PepsiCo, the name behind Lays’ potato chips and other foods, has created the latest in salt innovation, grains of salt that actually reduce the amount of sodium snackers ingest. According to them, only 20% of the salt on each potato chip is actually detected, meaning that the remaining 80% of sodium although ingested, is little more than a waste of flavor. For this reason, the company claims it can reduce the sodium while maintaining that same “initial spike of saltiness.” Snack on!

Source: About.com

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