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It’s not an easy region to understand, so LG Asia-Pacific Editor Mary Tan has dug deep, uncovering four of her favorite Asian-Pacific websites. If it’s travel advice or tips that you’re looking for in this varied continent, you’re bound to find some useful nuggets here.


Traveling around the Asia-Pacific can be very tricky business indeed — prisms of islands flanked by larger countries; languages that are drastically different from each other; food that treads the line between ghastly and gastronomic.The truth is that even though the region offers some of the most amazing sensations that you could ever hope to experience, it is also incredibly difficult to navigate.

To ally your fears, here is a roundup of Five of the Best Asia-related Websites, crammed out the ears with useful information, both the basic and the exotic.

1) Unearthing Asia ( is a beautifully designed travel guide to the region, and has just published the inaugural issue of its magazine of the same name. The blog stands out for its emphasis on quality content from a variety of (almost) local writers. The clean, fuss-free interface makes it easy to navigate and it is blessedly free of countless ads.

Most of the posts provide practical travel advice, while others such as “10 Unusual Asian Delicacies” that feature everything from white ant eggs to tuna eyes make for entertaining (and shocking!) reads.

2) Circle of Asia ( earns brownie points for so many reasons it’s difficult to condense them all in one paragraph. For starters, the website promotes e-tourism and responsible travel, focusing primarily on developing countries in the South-East Asian region. Its free ‘Customize My Trip’ feature makes planning a breeze — simply plug in the basic details of your trip and what sort of activities interest you, and they will respond with a detailed itinerary. Or better yet, do a quick search on the site and pick from one of the available itineraries, ranging from riverside stays in Thailand to the best of Beijing.

It may seem a bit sparse and devoid of personality, but if you need fast facts and some good travel ideas, this site is worth a visit.

3) Travel Fish ( doesn’t look like much at first, but stick with it and you’ll uncover a whole treasure trove of insider information. While information on the listed destinations are very basic (visa information, getting around, etc.) the ‘Stories’ section features some excellent, professional writing and details onto living like the locals do and what to expect. The forum is a fantastic way for past, present and future travelers to ask questions and give advice and members are still quite active.

4) Southeast Asia Travel ( is the best place to start if you are a complete newbie to the region. The website, with its idiot-proof navigation and inspiring photographs, is a pleasant browsing experience. Although some of the information appears fairly basic, take your time to browse through different categories and posts. Some information appears outdated, but on a whole, the snappy paragraphs are insightful and concise.

So stick those excuses out the window. What are you waiting for? An entire continent of discovery awaits you!


You can read about more of Mary’s travels at her blog,


  • Prime says:

    I recommend travelfish for those traveling in Indochina region. It’s a great guide, esp if you’re looking for hotels, tours and other tips

  • Yeah Prime, I have booked with them for Beijing a couple of years back. I found them really affordable and excellent with their services as well.
    Thanks for sharing important information out here.