eBook Review: Nomadic Matt’s Secrets to Successful World Travel

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After three and a half years traveling solo around the world, Nomadic Matt has released a RTW eGuidebook, Nomadic Matt’s Secrets to Successful World Travel. It condenses everything you need to know about RTW travel into one convenient, 137 page guide-book. Which means that you don’t have to spend hours sloughing through information on the Internet.

Some of his tips hold an element of “duh.” And some of the ways he attempts to assuage fears of travel, I have to doubt; as a former recruiter, I promise that most employers value definite examples of experience (and ROI) over the negotiation skills you learned in a market in India.

However, for the most part, this guidebook rocks.

Though written for those long-term travelers, this book is for anyone. It’s three main sections — “Pre-Trip Planning,” “On the Road,” and “Returning Home” — are divided into subcategories and organized by country, so it’s easy to take what you need and leave what you don’t.

Finding what you need won’t be a problem. His incredibly comprehensive guide covers banks, travel credit cards, fears, airline alliances, travel insurance, wills, making your money work for you, travel discount cards, chucking your stuff, backpacks and Pacsafe (“that thing” you wrap around your backpack and lock to a heavy object). He offers tips for newbies, recommends travel routes and assures you that, yes –you can use Couchsurfing and not be killed. And he does it all with neat little bullet points and charts.

The breadth and depth of Nomadic Matt’s travel experience is the driving force of this book. His perspective lets him point out things you didn’t even know you needed. And though some of his motivation is a bit obvious, he can alleviate travel fears with disarming logic:

“I have too many responsibilities…is the most common excuse that people use,” he writes. “But when you leave to go travel, you have no responsibilities. Your bills disappear, your car payments go away, and the errands you have to do become non-existent. It has been said that the more stuff you own, the more your stuff owns you…Once you make the decision to travel, those social responsibilities will disappear. The only responsibilities I have are the ones that I create for myself.”

Bottom line: this book is like having a little Google butler, who also happens to be your best traveling buddy, at your beck and call. Matt’s experience backs up his advice, so you can trust this book, learn from his mistakes, and save yourself a lot of time and planning headache. If you plan to do any international travel over two weeks, I’d recommend you pick it up.

To download Nomadic Matt’s Secrets to Successful Travel, click here.

To download Nomadic Matt’s first book, How to Make and Monetize Your Travel Blog click here.

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