Lost Girl of the Week: Laurel Case

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This week’s LG is Laurel Case. Laurel lives in Syracuse, NY where she works in the public relations department of an advertising agency.  Her travels have taken her to all corners of the US and most of the in between. Upstate New York has served as a great home-base for planning her next adventure with her long distance boyfriend of almost two years. In her guest post she explains how she has made her relationship work: with lots of planning.


Traveling the Long Distance for Romance

Almost 2 years ago, I met a great guy while traveling. We hit it off right away. We had a lot in common, we got along great, the only real problem was that we lived more than 3,000 miles apart – he in Washington State, me in New York State.  Despite the obvious geographical challenges, we decided to give us a try.

Although our situation is hardly ordinary, I’ve noticed a pattern in our get-togethers that may be familiar to other travelers who accidentally find love along the way.


It all starts with the questions of when we want to meet up and where? Once we scan our schedules to determine the best weekend for us both, we decide the where. Although the ultimate goal is always to spend quality time together, we are both always up for a good adventure and want to pick a place where we can spend our quality time exploring.  Although it’s not a set rule, we typically take turns doing the bulk of the travel. Meaning, one visit he will come to the east coast, the next, I will travel to the west coast and then the “in-between” cities.  Throughout our relationships we have explored places like, NYC, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Vancouver, and of course, Seattle and Syracuse.


After the plane tickets are bought and hotel reservations have been made, the countdown to the actual visit begins, with lots of phone calls, emails and texts in between to keep us sustained. As the visit days get closer, my mental checklist of to-dos develops. Do I have a cute outfit to show off? Do I need a hair cut? Do I need anything waxed or plucked? Are my toes freshly polished? Oh yeah, and how am I going to pack all of the shoes that I will need to explore the city and look cute?! And is there one shoe that can do both? (God forbid I get a pimple!)

The Visit:

When I’m finally getting off the plane, no matter how short or long the trip, I always feel like unattractive mess – not exactly the optimal conditions for the romantic reunion I’ve been imaging! I always make sure my carry-on bag is stocked with toothbrush and paste, make-up for a quick touch-up and deodorant to help me get rid of that not-so-fresh feeling. Does he ever notice all of this? Probably not, but I definitely feel better when I finally see him again!

The actual trips are always wonderful and filled with lots of catching up, great meals, laughs and exploring of whichever city we happen of landed in a few days earlier.

The Dreaded Good-Bye

…or should I say see you later. We decided a couple of trips back that we would no longer say good-bye, but rather see you soon. We spend the last couple of hours enjoying each other’s company and deciding where our next rendezvous will be. Having some tentative plans always makes the departure back to reality a little more tolerable. Now onto the planning of our next visit…I’m seeing a pattern here.

-Laurel Case

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  • Christy says:

    Fun article. You make it sound so easy. My husband lives in central Mexico and me in Kansas and we’ve had to do the long distance thing for 7 months now. As you probably know, it’s incredibly hard, especially international. Takes a whole lot of planning and creates a lot of tears. But when you do get off that plane and run into the arms of your loved one it’s the best feeling in the world.

  • briauna says:

    It is so scary to know every week a little girl gets stolen!

  • Laurel Case says:

    From one Laurel Case to another, you sound like such a strong woman. I hope you and him are happy and healthy, possibly together at last! Cheers!