Lost in San Antonio: 5 Ways to Gain 5 Pounds

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By Meghann Foye
Special to Lost Girls World


Okay, so the title of this post is meant to be tongue in cheek, but in all seriousness, San Antonio is one fabulous city when it comes to food. From corn tortillas made by hand from centuries-old methods to the latest in Tex-Mex cuisine, there is so much to try that we had a hard time fitting it all in.  And we mean that literally–by the end of the trip we couldn’t zip our pants!  But it was more than worth it to experience so many of the city’s best culinary offerings!

Here’s a roundup of what not to miss:

The Tastiest Tacos: On the first full day we were there, the Lost Girls were lucky enough to be escorted on a whirlwind breakfast taco tasting trip by local food columnist Ron Bechtol. We discovered that San Antonians take their taco preferences seriously, and tend to pledge their allegiance to a certain favorite spot, usually depending on the taste and texture of the corn and flour tacos. On Sunday morning, we first headed to Taco Taco to try quintessentially Mexican, but ominous sounding chorizo a la mexicana (loose-style sausage) and barbacoa (stewed beef cheeks and head) tacos made with both flour and corn tortillas. Then, at Taco Haven we sat down for another grande Texas meal, trying more breakfast-style versions–this time nopalitos (cactus and eggs) and morcilla (blood sausage). We rounded out our visit with a stop-in at Tito’s Tacos. We were sad not to be able to try the fare at this last spot because of time, but the atmosphere was warm and airy and seemed to be serving up a lot of large families enjoying their meals after church, including one local politician who we got to chat with.  Our verdict? It was a tough call, but Taco Taco seemed to offer the tastiest corn tortillas—soft and spongy enough to soak up all the juicy flavor of the fillings—while Taco Haven had a more extensive and diverse menu and an inviting family friendly vibe.  But you’ll have to visit all three locations to judge for yourself – just be sure to arrive with an empty belly and a loose waistband.

Fabulous Fusion: It’s hard to eat a meal in S.A. without the ever-present chips and salsa and Tex-Mex spices infused into just about every dish. But there are a bunch of great restaurants that add pan-Latin and international influences to the mix, resulting in some pretty eclectic, and upscale, eating options in town. The first night out, we were guests of Azuca Nuevo Latino Restaurant, about two blocks away from the Riverwalk. The restaurant houses blown glass designs from a local artist, and the meals are just as visually appealing. We couldn’t decide what to order, so we all chose dishes to split. From Seafood Curry Latino and Shrimp Diablo to Rasta Jerk Chicken and Parillado Mixto (an array of chicken, pork and sausage with chimichurri), we cleaned our plates that evening.

Grown-Up Guac: The second night we sat down to a late dinner at Boudros on the Riverwalk. It was a warm, but breezy night–perfect to stretch the dinner out over a few bowls of their signature guac blended right at the table. Back in NYC, we’re no strangers to a heaping pestle-ground bowl of guacamole from Dos Caminos or Rosa Mexicano, but at Boudros, some special ingredients made it sing. Nestled in with the requisite avocado and cilantro were roasted tomato, serrano pepper and a tangy kick from a splash of orange juice. Mmmm! We scraped up every last bite with the little remaining taco chip pieces and didn’t feel one drop of guilt. 

Major Margaritas: It wouldn’t be a LG getaway without sampling the local drink specialty, and it was as if everyone in the city could read our minds. The second we arrived in our hotel room at the Watermark, we were greeted with monster sized signature margaritas served from their restaurant, Pesca on the River.  After traveling all day, the frozen concoctions were just the thing we needed to start settling into a relaxed San Antonio state of mind–and were probably our favorite of our trip.  Of course that didn’t preclude us from trying other versions throughout the week, including delicious crimson-toned prickly pear margaritas at Boudros, and full-out Slurpee-machine style frozen margys at NIOSA (A Night In Old San Antonio). They were all so tasty, we found ourselves with a new catch phrase, “There’s always tequila!”

Superior Sweets: It seems, to our great happiness, that San Antonians have a major sweet-tooth. Upon entering Mi Tierra (“my homeland”), the famous eatery right next to San Antonio’s Mexican marketplace (Mercado) –known for its dizzying array of metallic garlands and Christmas lights –we caught a glimpse of every kind of dessert one could possibly crave. While we were there, we sampled a variety of nut pralines, the specialty of the area. Then we hit the road again loaded down with to-go boxes of multi-colored coconut cakes, fudge, sugar cookies and more.

Salivating yet?  

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And visit LostGirlsWorld.com all this week for more exclusive San Antonio coverage, including a video interview with San Antonio food critic and columnist, Ron Bechtol, and the inside scoop on “The best hour you’ll ever spend naked” in the city.  



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