Lost in San Antonio: The World’s Best Travel Photo

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by Courtney Dubin
Special Correspondant to Lost Girls World

My heart went pitter patter when my friend and original LG Jen Baggett emailed to let me know that my first official blog post for their site (yay!), on our whirlwind trip to San Antonio, would be about a seemingly fated encounter at at San Antonio’s Fiesta Arts Fair with photographer Greg Davis.

Of the four of us, it was safe to assume that Meg and I—who initially bonded over long talks about the “universe”—would vie for the opportunity to write (share?) the story of a guy who chucked his cube-dwelling office job to travel to the far reaches of the world…only to discover an untapped talent for taking amazing photos.

Greg was one of 119 diverse contemporary artists from around the country occupying a booth at San Antonio’s Fiesta Arts Fair which began as a small art fair 38 years ago, and has grown into one of the highlights of Fiesta San Antonio. As someone who likes evidence of my vacations beyond pictures, I knew this stop on our tour would provide ample opportunity to pick out gifts for friends and family from among works in ceramic, paintings, jewelry, glass, wearable art and photography.

As it turned out, I decided to hang onto the one item I purchased…a photo Greg took of an old Vietnamese blanket weaver’s outstretched life and work-worn hands. And though the picture’s beautiful, it’s the best travel photo I’ve ever seen because the story behind it literally gave me goose bumps. While thumbing through other photos, I heard Greg recount his clandestine meeting with the woman who for efficiency’s sake, reserves one hand for each color of dye. When she held them out, something compelled him to snap the image he would later to refer to as the “picture that changed his life”.

Upon returning to the states, a friend saw the photo and urged Greg to submit it. A national magazine published “Blanket Weaver”, giving him the confidence to pursue his passion as a full-time profession. Pretty cool considering this guy picked up a basic $400 camera for his trip, but his instincts and innate abilities guided him into a new career and a completely different life.

I stood by his beat-up director’s chair, hanging onto every word, and wanting to hear more stories of his journey. Greg’s leap of faith reaffirmed my own decision to leave the corporate world to try-on an identity I never imagined would fit, let alone fill me up the way it does.

Greg plans to return to Vietnam and find the blanket weaver in the mountains. As a believer in things coming full-circle, he has to. I believe that Greg is “lost”, just like my very brave friends—and me.


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  • Greg Davis says:

    I love it girls, great meeting you all. Let me know if you are interested in doing a full length follow up. I was just contacted by National Geographic’s Image Collection and a contract is on it’s way, super exciting news that I thought I’d share. Good luck and keep getting ‘lost’.