Green Travel: Find Your Inner Eco-Girl

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With our environment as a high stakes global issue, green-consciousness is a growing habit for many people… whether your an avid recycler or big-time energy consumer, travel may seem like it comes with unavoidable waste. Despite what you may think, going green on the road is actually easy to do, and definitely worth it. Check out freelancer Stacy Lipson’s go-green ideas–Lost Girls always keep an eye out for more environmentally friendly travel tips to cut down on our carbon footprint!


By Stacy Lipson

Going green on the road shouldn’t be a daunting task.  The last time I traveled to Florida, I spent almost $27 on water bottles alone. Now almost four years later, I’ve learned the numerous benefits of eco-friendly traveling. Besides helping the environment, eco-friendly traveling can help limit your unnecessary traveling and cut down on your carbon footprint.

Take a single-destination trip. Instead of incorporating several stops on your trip, head for one destination. Cities where attractions are accessible by foot or public transportation can help defray costs. While large metropolitan areas like L.A and Chicago may come to mind, don’t rule out smaller cities. Some of the best places to visit may be off the beaten path.

Choose hotels with a green conscience. Many hotels today go beyond offering recycling containers for guest use. Here are some important questions you should ask: Does the hotel recycle its own materials (such as its paper products, shipping materials, glass and plastic)? Does it use environmentally safe cleaning products? What kind of light bulbs does the hotel use? Green-friendly hotels typically use energy-efficient CFL bulbs instead of regular bulbs. Ask questions of the hotel staff before booking, or check the website for more information. istayGreen offers a comprehensive list of green hotels categorized by location and property.

HOTEL GREEN TIPS: Reduce the length of your shower while visiting. Instead of using the hotel’s shampoo, bring a refillable container for complementary soaps or shampoos.

Reuse your towels to cut the hotel’s water consumption in half.

Pack light. This includes clothes, books, extra chargers, makeup, and any other items that might weigh you down.  Make a checklist of the items you need and stick to the list. Ask yourself about the essentials. If you don’t think you’re going to use an item on a daily basis, leave it off the list. When packing, keep a pocket or two in your suitcase for souvenirs and miscellaneous items.

Use mass transit or bicycle shares to navigate your way around. If you’re planning to hop from city to city, check out popular bus routes such as Megabus and Boltbus to for as little as $10.  Going overseas?  Bike Shares are available all across Europe.  nextbike is one of the more widely used options, with bicycle shares in over 20 locations.


Favorite Green Products On The Go

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Bathroom Necessities

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