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By Ashley Cheng
Hotels & Lodgings Editor

Welcome to the first edition of the weekly hospitality news roundup: Top hotel, motel, hostel, inn and lodging stories from around the world (wide web).


Fashion-Themed Hotel Opens in NYC

It makes sense for one of the fashion capitals of the world to have a hotel specifically devoted to the city’s traveling fashionistas passing through. Wyndham Hotels and Resorts recently opened the doors to Fashion 26, located across the street from the budding designers at the Fashion Institute of Technology. The halls are even adorned with FIT students’ work! Plus, guests are greeted at the reception desk (custom designed to resemble a cutting-room table) with a free cupcake from Crumbs.

Source: Travel Weekly

Danish Hotel Offers Chance to Cycle for Supper

A free workout + free meal + chance to better the environment = what could be better? The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers is inviting guests to help power the hotel through a ride on one of its exercise bikes attached to building generators. If guests produce at least 10 watt hours of electricity, they’ll receive a complimentary – and, of course, locally, sustainably-produced – meal.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

French Hotels With A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

If you’ve ever had the desire to wear a rodent suit and have a go at a giant hamster wheel, France just might be the next destination to add to your to-go list. The country known for its chic sophistication, romance and gourmands apparently has a quirky underbelly – offering a range of lesser-known, bizarre places to stay from tree houses, astronomy huts and gypsy caravans to teepees and yurts.

Source: The Times Online (UK)

Make a Bee-line for Fairmont Hotels’ Fresh Honey

The latest buzz (can’t resist the easy puns) in hotel-haute cuisine? Hotel-harvested honey. Seven of the Fairmont Hotels’ 60 locations now have beehives operating on their rooftops and gardens to provide local honey for the chain’s bars and restaurants.

Source: USA Today

20 Reasons To Steal Hotel Shower Caps

Admit it. You like to swipe the single serving toiletries from hotels. But how many people really use those shower caps on a regular basis? From sanitary (home drain cleaners) to culinary (snack bowl covers) to leisurely (makeshift water balloons), the shower cap’s many potential uses should not be underestimated.

Source: Hotel Chatter

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  • arohi says:

    Hello LG Team,

    Congratulations for your first edition!!!

    It was really fun reading through this blog, must say it was quiet informative as well.

    One can not ask for more than a quick update on all the exciting hotel’s under one channel.

    please keep the good work on… Hope to read much more intresting update


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  • Jen says:

    I love using the cheap type of shower cap to cover bowls when I’m out of plastic wrap, when marinating, and when I know the food will go too quick to justify putting wrap or foil on. I never thought to swipe them from hotels, though…good idea.

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