Lost Girl of the Week: Trish Sare

Lost Girl of the Week — By on June 25, 2010 at 2:00 pm

Lost Girl of the Week, Trish Sare, is the founder and owner of BikeHike Adventures in Vancouver (www.bikehike.com). BikeHike has been operating worldwide multi-sport adventures around the globe for 16 years, and Trish has spent much of her life roaming our incredible earth. When she’s not out scouting or guiding an adventure she can be found exploring beautiful British Columbia from a bike, sea kayak, horse or on her own two feet.


One of my favorite teasers to clients, while bumping down invigorating whitewater rapids is,  “Just think, you could be working right now, just like me”. This often leads to good chuckle and a dose of envy about how fortunate I am to have built a career that is my passion in life. I feel truly blessed but am also a firm believer that others should follow their passions as well.

My wanderlust began in my teens, when my mother got ill with cancer, far too young. She told me to go and see the world, and not to live my life for tomorrow, because there are no guarantees about tomorrow. Sadly, she died in her early 40’s and her death and her words of wisdom impacted me tremendously.

I decided to set off and work my way around the world for 5 years straight. I have no idea how I mustered up the strength to do it, but somehow I did, and off I went on a solo international journey.

I had very little money, but I had a dream and a deep desire to accomplish it. I bought myself a Circle Pacific airline ticket with 15 stops around the South Pacific, starting from Vancouver.

I met fascinating people along the way who inspired me with their travel stories and enticed me to venture further. After the Pacific, I dug deeper and headed to Asia. It was there where I began to experience authentic cultural encounters, which were transformational and opened my eyes to see that most of the world lives very differently then we do in the west.

I assimilated into the local cultures easily, living and working with the people and becoming one of them. My preference was to stay longer in places that I enjoyed because for me, travel is about people, more than scenery and landmarks. I stayed in Thailand for 2 years, living off the land as a local and experiencing a very different life from the one that I knew back in Canada. Had I only have realized, that a seed was being planted for BikeHike.

Travel opened my eyes to the world, made me open as a person, and broadened my outlook on life. I came home to Canada a very different person, with a dream to show others what I had experienced. Fortunately, travel is my passion, so I get to live my dream every day of my life.

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