4 Ways to Become a World Cup Soccer Fan–Now

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Lost Girl Caroline Murray just got home from a week in Holland where she turned from passive soccer “tolerater”, to “football” enthusiast in a few days. With the World Cup final literally hours away, much of the world will be holding it’s breath, waiting for the whistle to blow. But, if you’re not big on soccer, how can you enjoy the game along with everyone else on Sunday? Here are four quick tips to becoming a soccer fan that Caroline learned from the Dutch soccer-crazies herself. She discovered that it’s not too late to root for a team… the world cup isn’t over yet…

By Caroline Murray

Up until this year’s FIFA World Cup, my interest in soccer didn’t go beyond David Beckham and his gorgeous body. Bars all across America were getting in the soccer spirit, so I feigned interest in a few games, even though it didn’t feel like my scene. That was until I went to the Netherlands. Holland is currently decked out in orange from Amsterdam to The Hague: every soccer hooligan, every housewife, every kid. The excitement for the games is contagious and before I knew it, I was sipping a Heineken, wearing an ugly orange shirt and cheering on the Dutch in the quarterfinals. After they won, my enthusiasm peaked, and by the time the semi-finals rolled around, I could barely contain my excitement. How did I do it? Here are four easy ways you can become a soccer enthusiast, at home or abroad, before the final match on Sunday:

1. Pick a Team: Nothing irritates soccer fans more than an “everyone’s- a-winner” attitude during the World Cup. Before you watch the game, decide which country you’re going to support. You’ll be surprisingly excited when your team scores a goal and you’ll bond with other fans in to time!

2. Get Decked Out: Whether you’re rooting for Spain (red and yellow) or Holland (orange), getting dressed up in national colors will make you feel like a real fan. You don’t need special attire, just a bit of color to show the world who you’re supporting. My outfit? A bright orange shirt along with an even brighter orange feather boa.

3. Befriend a Cute Fan: Don’t know the rules of the game? Ask a good-looking enthusiast! Pick the cutie of your choice and strike up a conversation before the game starts or during half time. A real fan will be happy to explain the rules to you…when the game isn’t on.

4. Drink a Local Cocktail: If you need a break from the game, get in the mood by ordering a traditional Dutch or Spanish drink from the bar. The Dutch are known for beer while the Spanish mix up delicious sangria. Just ask your bartender for a recommendation. After all, it’s just as much about the environment you’re watching the game in, as the game itself. So have fun, and let the soccer-crazy fan within you take over!

Catch the soccer World Cup final, the Netherlands vs. Spain, on Sunday, July 11 at 2:30pm ET.

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  • Moira says:

    Let the whistle blow for tomorrow. Am ready in my orange outfit and heineken in hand!

  • Carol says:

    Great piece – made me wish I had paid more attention to the World Cup! South Africa has been fantastic – the spirit of ‘Ubuntu’ has come to the fore…so with a glass of red wine and a pizza I am going to watch the last match before the world leaves our shores!(Bot sure who I am wanting to win…rather like the look of Spanish men……

  • Be says:

    Wonderful piece, Caroline! We are all fully decked out – some in the red and yellow and some in hectic Holland orange! Snacks are a choice of red or orange dips. Supper is choice of red or orange soup, paella main course cheeses for after… Our tale is decked rather uncolour- co-ordinatedly! Kim says she is ORANGE through and through – go cuz!

  • Bel says:

    I mean tabLe

  • Gran says:

    HATE orange and the octopus was certainly right!