Book Review: Seven Year Switch

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Seven Year Switch

by Claire Cook

Hyperion  $24.99 , also available as a Hyperion eBook

Seven Year Switch introduces us to Jill Murray, mother of 10 year old Anastasia.  And for the last 7 years, that’s how she’s thought of herself…Anastasia’s mother.  Since her husband Seth deserted them 7 years ago, Jill has devoted her life to making it up to her daughter….putting her own life on hold in the process.  Lulled into complacency by the pattern of her life she is content to settle, instead of looking for more.

Working for Great Girlfriend Getaways, a travel agency devoted to female travel (and, a by-product of that, empowerment) doesn’t seem to be rubbing off on Jill;  at least until Seth turns up unannounced and unexpected just as Jill is becoming interested in Billy, a cute entrepreneur who has hired her as a consultant.  Her comfortable, if not exciting, existence is challenged and she needs to make a decision.

Seven Year Switch is filled with real, flawed characters.  I sometimes found Jill’s selflessness annoying, but at the same time identified with her need to be everything to everybody in her life.  She seems caught between what she wants to do for herself and what she thinks she needs to do for the people in her life.  It takes a change of scenery to put things in perspective.  When the ‘Aha!’ moment comes and Jill finally puts herself first I almost cheered.

Thoroughly enjoyable and more than just a fluffy beach read, Seven Year Switch is a story many of us can relate to.  It’s the story of deciding what you want and making it happen.

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