Savor the Flavors of Brooklyn

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NYC Restaurant Week®, a celebratory dining experience since 1992, has officially been extended to September 6th. This is good news for urban foodies: $24.07 lunch and $35 dinner three-course prix-fixe meals at the best of the best in New York’s rich and diverse culinary scene. Trouble is, most of these participating restaurants are located in Manhattan and my taste buds long to taste the eateries of New York’s less-explored boroughs. That’s where the Food Lovers’ Guide to Brooklyn comes in.

Before delving into the literary delicacies that lie ahead, Sherri Eisenberg thoroughly prepares her reader  with an introduction to herself, the guide, and Brooklyn, including a list of the Best Of. Then, organized by neighborhood, she highlights the ultimate specialty food shops, traditional recipes, culinary events, local breweries, iconic restaurant landmarks, and farmer’s markets. The index also offers the option to search by cuisine or restaurant name. As the New York Times described, ““Packed, district by district, with detailed listings, maps, and descriptions. . . . [This] book offers plenty to discover, including temporary markets, events, and pop-up and underground restaurants.”

But that’s not all it offers. The true gem of Food Lovers’ Guide to Brooklyn is the author herself. As a local, Eisenberg writes in an expert yet conversational tone. She describes each place and event that she considers worth seeking out with detailed flair including a visual description and culinary recommendations. If that’s not all, she also highlights important and fun things to know about dining in Brooklyn from the Park Slope Food Co-op to celebrating Chinese New Year.

As somewhat of a New Yorker, this book has become a delightful essential and I do not doubt that it would of equal value, if not more, to any visitor and Brooklynite, alike. Bon appetít!

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