Summer Book Review: The One That I Want

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the one that i want

by Allison Winn Scotch

Shaye Areheart Books, $24.00

3.5 Stars

Since it’s 5 bajillion degrees outside, I’d like to present you with the LG Beach Read 2010: Allison Winn Scotch’s the one that i want.

In Scotch’s latest novel, 32-year-old Tilly Farmer is a guidance counselor with a perfect life; she spends her days planning prom and helping students get out of the hometown in which she’s content to stay put with her perfect husband, perfect job, and perfect SUV for their perfect future baby.

But Tilly’s life begins to crumble when a psychic (who happens to be her estranged childhood best friend) gives her the ability to see the future. And it ain’t pretty.

Straight up: I really hated Tilly at the beginning. Her father is an adulterous alcoholic. Her mother is dead. Her husband is a dead-beat ex-jock and her sister an angry musician who fled to LA to escape her dysfunctional family. Yet Tilly is naively optimistic, blind to her reality. It’s annoying.

But that’s exactly the point. As the book progresses and Tilly sees her husband leave, her father relapse and her “perfect” life dissolve, she learns what you, the reader, already knew–that a perfect life doesn’t exist, that definitions of happiness change and that it’s impossible for you to control any of these things.

Back when you are nine or even seventeen, you believe in magic, in a healing balm that can make your family complete. Because you don’t know what else to do. And you don’t know yet what else life can do.

And for this reason, I loved Tilly by the end. Which is a testament to Scotch’s skill as a writer.

This novel deals with heavy topics–affairs, alcoholism, death, divorce, illness–yet it’s still a quick, light read. It’s intelligent chick lit, so take it to the beach, take it on a plane. But whenever you’re done, leave it somewhere for an unsuspecting traveler to find. This is a book to be shared, and will satisfy LGs the world over.

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