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by Nancy Yeomans
LG Air Travel News Editor

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird….it’s a plane! No….it’s your weekly air travel news! Here’s what’s happening in the world of aviation, from the ground up.

It’s Not Too Late!

If you missed out on Jet Blue’s fare sale of the year, you can still score an All You Can Jet Pass.  The passes, which went on sale last Tuesday and were supposed to be on sale for a week, sold out in a record 60 hours.  The American Cancer Society has procured a few of these elusive passes to auction off on Ebay.  Bid before 9 am on Thursday, August 26 to get out there in the wild Blue yonder!

Source:  MarketWatch

Traveling Light

If you were one of the lucky ones to score a Jet Blue AYCJ Pass, you might be worrying about how you can bring all of your belongings with you on all of those flights.  It’s all about paring down.  For the tech savvy among us, here are the essentials you’ll need for flying the friendly skies and staying in touch.

Source:  Gadling

Quickie: My Macbook Pro is something I wouldn’t want to be without while traveling…it’s streamlined enough that it doesn’t take up much room and allows me to stay up to date with all things online.  Downloading photos right onto the computer frees up the memory card space for new ones.  With the built in DVD player I can pass the flight time watching my Netflix Dexter episodes…

Frequent Flyer Miles…Use Them or Lose Them

If you plan it right and are able to be loyal to one or two airlines, your frequent flyer miles can add up quickly and you’ll be eligible for all the perks and free flights that go along with them.  But, if you don’t keep track of them or the rules that seem to change as often as the seasons, you could find your free flight gone before you get a chance to use it.  Airlines’ frequent flyer programs are as complicated as their fare structures and staying on top of them isn’t always easy. Smarter Travel outlines the best way to utilize your frequent flier miles.

Source:  Smarter Travel

More Airline Competition, Less Sympathy

With the airlines putting less planes in the sky and filling up the ones that are out there, a weather situation or mechanical problem can wreak havoc with getting airline passengers to their destination.  The airlines are not always required to compensate a passenger in the case of a missed flight or connection.  And sometimes the financial compensation can’t possibly make up for the inconvenience of being forced on a later flight. USA Today shares what to do if you get bumped for any reason.

Source:  USAToday

Quickie:  Check in for your flight as soon as you reach the airport…that can sometimes be a deciding factor on who flies and who doesn’t.  Also, if you do get bumped against your will, don’t just rely on the airline computer to assign your new flight to you…call the airline’s toll-free number and talk to an agent to get listed on the flight you want to take.

Photo Credit:  Joi/flickr

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