5 Wacky, Weird and Wonderful Travel Websites You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

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Travel websites are an integral part of planning a trip. Whether it’s determining where to go, how to get there, what to see and do, where to eat, or how to score a toothbrush (if you’re a serial forgetful packer) these websites provide services, travel tips, and amusement to give your adventure extra oomph…

By Michele Herrmann

Just One Bag

Doug Dyment, aka “The Go-Light Guru,” created OneBag in 1996 as a teaching lesson inweb development. Now, it’s a labor of love without the excess baggage. OneBag.com provides extensive details on the science of being able to go just about anywhere, for any indefinite length of time, with nothing more that a single, carry-on-size bag. Dyment claims each post will help readers become a better traveler, but don’t think you have to tackle them all at once. “Start with those that most appeal to you,” writes Dyment, “and leave the others for when you seek to further hone your [packing] skills.”

Hitching a Ride

Hitchsters pairs up travelers going to and from the same airport to share a ride and split thecab fare. A traveler will be notified via text and e-mail containing the first name and cellphone of his or her co-rider. Riders also have the option to pick who (either a preference or requirement) they share a ride with. When the trip is over, users can evaluate their co-rider, and the limo company.

Products Upon Arrival

Suite Arrival helps travelers avoid the hassle of TSA toiletry  requirements by delivering personal care products directly to the travelers end destination. Buyers can customize their travel kits with their favorite brands and Suite Arrival ships the kit directly to their hotel. Travel kits include everything from toothbrush and toothpaste to razors and shaving cream, all approved for carry-on. Side note: free shipping on orders over $50.

More than Road Signs

Tripbase’s travel horoscopes webpage uses astrology to make suggestions on activities to do while traveling. Click on your sign to see where it might take you. For July, Sagittarians should try thrill-based activities, while Taurus should consider weekend getaways, special events and concerts outdoors and al fresco dining. Those who click on “Find our trip” go directly to Tripbase’s home page to start making reservations.

The Terminal Sleep

Donna McSherry turned the nightmare of spending the night in a terminal into an adventure with The Budget Traveller’s Guide to Sleeping in Airports. The website lists more than 6,500 reviews on airports as well as train stations and bus stations. Readers can discover which airports are most (or least) comfortable to sleep in, and which ones to avoid all together. Pick up airport sleeping tips, a best/worst airport list, cartoons, and photos or fill out a poll or survey.

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  • Menno says:

    1 more Wacky, Weird and Wonderful Travel Website You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of Is http://www.Letmestayforaday.com. This guy traveled the entire world for FREE, not spending a dime on anything and this entire project inspired the folks of the international hospitality exchange website http://www.CouchSurfing.org.

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