Female Nomads And Friends: Tales Of Breaking Free And Breaking Bread Around The World

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Female Nomad and Friends: Tales of Breaking Free and Breaking Bread Around The World

by Rita Golden Gelman

Three Rivers Press, Jun 2010


Female Nomad and Friends, a book of short stories compiled by Rita Golden Gelman, takes its readers on cultural journeys that will satisfy any type of appetite. The stories encompass experiences that range from the kindness of a Trader Joe’s employee, to the enchanting kiss of an Italian man. But the best part? Most are accompanied by a recipe.

After writing Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World, Gelman continued traveling the world, connecting with people wherever she went. Although she wasn’t keen on writing another book, a friend piqued her interest when she suggested that Gelman write a cookbook. Without enough of her own recipes to fill an entire book, Rita decided to enlist her dedicated readers and friends. With the help of friend Maria Altobelli, she embarked on the long journey of reading through stories, trying and testing recipes, and putting together the cookbook that she so longed to read.

Although not every story has a recipe to go along with it, each explores the risks a person will take to connect with the people around them. While not all of the stories will resonate with each reader, Gelman and Altobelli present an eclectic mix of what they perceive to be unique and heartfelt memories. From love to loss, and risk-taking to food-making, every story serves a unique outlook on what it means to take a risk and follow your heart.

Gelman really has put together an enticing mix of stories surrounding her readers’ forays into the risk-taking life of a traveler at home and beyond. Each and every story–written by professionals and amateurs alike–had me spell-bound. Whether reading in laughter, amazement, or sorrow, I could not put this book down. Female Nomad and Friends is an engaging book of short stories that is bound to enchant every reader and inspire us all to take that risk and connect with someone new in our lives.

But the best thing is that through buying this book, you help educate high school graduates in the slums of India. In 2005, thanks to reader donations, Rita sent six high school graduates, whom she met while traveling, from the slums of New Delhi to college, and with this book, she hopes to expand the program and send even more students to college.

As she so succinctly puts it, “the money from this book will change a lot of lives.”

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